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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

So Much Piling UP.

A Litany OF Incompetence, Weakness And Blind Inadequacy.

This small item yesterday  just shows the complete failure of our so called peers to manage absolutely nothing bar catastrophic stupidity and senseless implementation of their weak and ineffectual credentials to govern. This lost and forgotten conflict continues to mirror the failure the USSR warned us of and Vietnam told us of. Still the halfwits went ahead and squandered billions on a wasted nonsense.

In The UK State of The Greater EUSSR, we lurch from disaster to disaster. Cleggy Arse the latest to wave his willy of deceit and cover up in our faces. Add to his pathetic but wilful nastiness, Camoron's blind defense of the killer Nicholson, genocidal leader of The English NHS funeral parlour. Mix in the dementia which afflicts the labour Party's complete loss of memory of their dead hand of State, which lasted 13 long, dreary, corrupt ridden years. 

Years in which our education system was strangled, our economy decimated and our Land overrun with economic and benefit claiming mass immigration, we can see how badly the cretinous Civil Service has let us down. They, the Mandarin classes have been so busy playing Whitehall politics all else has been junked. That or the chinless wonders relied on BBC type savvy over Savile to help them win any PR wars to be fought. With similar chaos, you will note!

If we had leadership and some common sense amongst these "born to rule" moronic classes we would have some hope. A dash for gas via cracking on with fracking. A renouncement of the "green" energy mantra of ignorant science. A science which has just claimed some more digits of that idiot Fiennes. His determination to show how warm the Antarctic is becoming has failed dismally, as freezing blizzards and unexpected extreme cold has frozen what last brain cells he had clung onto.

All I can understand is that we are really being subjected to a Machiavellian conspiracy to drive us, through fear and attrition, into a Global Dictatorship, run by a socialist Farmer who will then be replaced by his pigs as rulers. Surely the sheer scale of stupidity of Western leaders and The EU bunch of fraudsters, can't be as moronically mindless as to have just let all the mess going on, happen, because they're too dumb to do anything sensible? Surely not. There again.........................


  1. Utterly cliche are these ends of Western democracy building means. Well, at least they will not be adhering to Mohammedan religious governing... Better, drugged, tyrannized, and watching satellite television; then praying to Allah.
    Without Christ, man can not be free--even politically.

  2. LibLabCon leaders with no experience of managing anything have proved that it's perfectly possible to have a top degree from an elite university and still be a blithering idiot.

  3. It's all in the appointment process of the wrong type.