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Monday, 25 February 2013


Smarm The New PR.

How do you know he's lying? There's a gap between his lips.

How should we describe "smarmy"? As a general rule we could liken it to Camoron's headgear in India. That is to say making yourself look an unbelievable prat in order for personal gain. A*se licking we called it when I was a lad. Seemingly this trait is now in order if it helps hang on to some kind of credibility as a sort of powerful panjandrum!

Well, what about Cleggy licker. A man steeped from birth in the art of crawling for for anything advantageous. Why is our modern world so full of movers and shakers with credentials which beggar belief? The Rennard business comes hot on the heels of The BBC centre for paedophile activity all and sundry deny. As does Cleggy Chops this groping "casting couch" pervert, let loose on all and sundry in order to gain perceived advantage, politically.

Then there are those ghosts from the very recent past of Labour. Snotty trawling for rent boys aided and abetted by MI5. Mandleson gorging his insatiable appetite for kinky child abuse with all and sundry be they Brits, Ruskies or Argies. Dunblane nicely covered up and suppressed  The MPs' expenses swept under that huge carpet of Whitehall obfuscation used as currency to barter elected weaknesses.

Isn't it al so tiresome. Simple truth, decency and honesty, all traded as commodities and every bit as tainted as our beef produce. This constant tit for tat adversarial politics in which the last grotesque failures now seek some kind of superiority whilst in Opposition. All designed to make us forget that every second of our present travails stem from not just their last 13 years in power but way back to the sixties and that failed experiment which haunts us right now.

Anyhow, come Thursday the sheeple will elect yet another Huhne like, lying, nasty, cretinous and ghastly representative. The Chatterati will rejoice in their "anybody but Tory" obsessive nastiness and common sense will take an ever constant blow to the solar plexus. It seems only when the Mad Max scenario becomes fact will the present whip handers realise, as they are forced to beg for food and life itself, they fucked up big time. I guess I'll be long gone but know they will have earnt their humiliation on the back of mine today.


  1. A nine year old boy kills himself because he was tormented at school for being white, his parents complained to the school but were ignored.

    1. Such "trifles" bother not this bunch of sh*t, Mona.