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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Silence Of The Damned.

Western Impotence.

Be it in Afghanistan and the silence of Western sisterhood to further their so called feminist causes but betray those women in real need. Or be it the North Korean nuclear muscle flexing, the uselessness of The West and it's Common Purpose obsessions, carry on apace.

The agencies of that CP monolithic but incompetent cause are legion. The UN, America, The EUSSR. Their economic representative bodies such as The IMF, all are full of self importance and grandoise schemes, with one significant thing in common. That is the suppression of their own peoples, when faced with the inability to subdue or fend off the nations not willing to play their rules of engagement. 

Note after their Vietnam defeat the USA powers decided to seek other conflicts. 9/11 was a Godsend for these idiots. Off our headless chickens sallied, billions of future riches pledged and mortgaged in our name, to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. What did we gain?

An economic tsunami from which we may never recover. A Middle East in turmoil. Iran working with North Korea and destabilising the nuclear power of Pakistan. India nervously hovering its finger over their own red button. No doubt Camoron had a small chat on this scenario, whilst trying to flog Euro- fighter Typhoons, without the bribes being too obvious!

Add to this the Vague Hague doublespeak over Syrian rebels' supply of anything but what they might need and our impotence looms ever larger. All this racing about, closing stable doors, as herds of horses gallop onto our dinner plates, is, frankly, nauseating. Every bit as vomit inducing as the muck, over and above  equine based, beef substitute driving the sheeples into obesity clinics.

If we dropped all this "world policing" and the demand that every country should be as unwholesome as ours and actually tried to make Western economies smaller and more manageable, we would see a better world. Of course the greed and nastiness that drives the globalised power brokers, the lucky few, doesn't do thinking of others' needs or welfare.

So I guess we are doomed to watch the slow, steady decline of The West, morality and decency, whilst the misogynists, led by their Islamic despots,  go from strength to strength. Emboldened by the ease with which their migration and Trojan horse colossus gets ever larger. Note the lack of complaint from the "sisterhood" or any bewailing of the Gay fraternity, when it comes to accepting this enemy in our midst.

To all intents and purposes we are all infected by the cretinous weakness of our elite and our political classes. Bankers are again paying themselves huge bonuses. Largesse often provided by the very people they ruined in 2007. MPs are back on the gravy train, as ever, first class and there is little sign of even a whimper from the compliant, horse flesh eating, duped citizenry. 

Quite amazing. I guess a few nuclear warheads, lobbed across from somewhere East and South of us all, might cause a ripple. I doubt much else will. You see we never really did understand what nuclear deterrent was supposed to mean. Since it no longer works and proliferation is rife, bet you we get clobbered first. Just who by remains to be seen!


  1. I will need to up my dose of anti depessants, Valium, Fluoride, E numbers, demon nicotine, Shegar from Findus and BBC news etc, to deal with that post. In all honesty though, I could not agree more.

    1. Apologies, Buddy but it will all be of nought for most of us 100 years hence!

  2. To all intents and purposes we are all infected by the cretinous weakness of our elite and our political classes.

    In a nutsehll, OR.