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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Scaredy Cats.

Why Do They Run So Scared?

Our present Ministers come across as petrified by their Civil Servant Mandarin clique. I touched on the failure to sack Nicholson for crimes against humanity in my post of yesterday. An example of this tip toe manner of Government beloved, it seems, by Camoron. Time to grow some balls and do the job of looking after the rest of us with a degree of common sense purpose. Or will it take another woman leader to show how it's done, in the shape of Mrs May?

As ever, I digress. What I wished to say is sparked by the excellent article by Dominic Lawson in today's ST. Now our old fashioned, loyal and bond sharing coal mining villages and industry, were passionate about their dangerous, hard and tough trade, beneath the ground. Proud and hard working, as never seen before their business became a National economic weapon, or since, as they gave us decades of dirty but plentiful energy. Still coal does this but often from expensive, imported coal to fuel power generating stations, soon to be mothballed, on orders of the Gods Of The EUSSR. 

It's a shame the left embrace this madness, at the expense of jobs and incomes still possible in coal mining enclaves. It is also a shame that the pretend Conservatives of the Camoron camp are missing a magnificent trick, to bring into the fold  the mining communities' old and new, once thriving areas.

By this I suggest that, wherever possible, fracking be sighted, and now, not some oil and gas lobby "sometime never", self-interest, indefinite delay, in those areas long left behind and neglected. Neglect every bit as done by labour as anyone else. We must never forget the energy crisis is yet another root and branch legacy of 13 years of Labour mis-management. 

Get my drift  I'm sure those cold and empty villages, laid waste by the green death of global warming scaremongering, green eyed monsters of the loony, better to die cold than burn God given fuel, crazy, colour obsessed, wind turbine blighting morons, all led, by their self-righteous noses, by the real exploiters of "renewables" in the guise of greedy corporate rapists such as this gross clown, Yeo. , would welcome a modern mining system in the form of fracking. 

So come on you lily livered, scared of Sir Humphrey cowards in Ministerial but powerless splendour. Get fracking now. Pour vast energy into our homes cheaply, reduce the price of oil and present horrific gas pricing and do it NOW! 

You could lift old mining areas back into excellent prosperity and change the economy for ever. More boom than Snotty and Milibad's bust. Strewth, you could buy the next election with more money than ever Bliar and Snotty did and not borrow it either. Just as the British Empire was built on coal so could a new Britain follow suit. What's not to like? What are you scared of?

Oh, sorry, I forgot. You are terrified of upsetting oil barons, gas moguls and above all others, you are terrified of Brussels and Whitehall. Still, since you seem happy to lose the next election and watch Labour claim the glittering prize that is shale-gas based energy,  self-sufficiency and riches, and then hand it all to their pals in The EUSSR, you deserve never to hold office ever again. You know that, of course but are too cowardly to act. Even when it's in your own interests as well as The Nation.

The other fact you are missing is tracking high speed rail through those areas, too. Plus our new found wealth would pay for it! You have to wonder why we are delaying it. Other than Labour want the dosh of course. Helped by their placemen in Local Government and Whitehall tenures. Hindering this largesse and the credit from going to their arch rivals of the right!


  1. It may have escaped your notice, we are run from Europe, and civil servants obey directives not ministers, the carbon tax is a tax on the air we breath, yes they managed it and you haven't noticed.

  2. Have ye all been looking a Dave the destroyer of Britain speech in India. Same day Visa for students and business. Dave is a Common Purpose supporter note one of their aims..
    'A means of subversion used to undermine traditional British values and destroy the identity of Britain'