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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Joking Apart.

What Is In Our Food?

The apathy which pervades the public psyche of today, particularly that engendered in Western populations is a mystery. We are now force fed not only propaganda but food sourced from just about anywhere. No doubt Chernobyl wheat will soon be trailed as a desirable delicacy. Coupled with "freshly irradiated" horse meat and rodent pie. Since we are also seemingly happy to accept everything shovelled at us and on our plates, why not sit back, mouths open and continue to swallow the effluence and waste products of the likes of  Sir, for God's sake, Nicholson.

The big factor, as ever, aimed at we schmucks by such as that smug, retired leftie, Rod Liddle, is it's our fault because we demand cheap food. Like the manufactured gloup of rodent offal fed us, so the climate change, made up, crud is made to seem its down to us. We are deserving of the need to apologise constantly for being alive. Albeit that we are is seemingly just required  as receptacles for the hierarchy's filth and depositories.

 Our very thoughts are now not only manipulated by "Big Brother" our diet is probably designed to affect behaviour, too. Such as adding appetite enhancers, such as riboflavin, to the muck, coincidentally  produced to stifle our naturally suppressant triggers nature gave us, to reduce the risk of getting fat and useless. That state being a desired one for the benefit of making us easy to control.

It does seem to make sense that the global, animal rendered gloup, force fed us surreptitiously, might have some additives making us accept so much without a murmur. A drug regime that either makes us left wing and stupidly moronic, happy to accept the likes of Bliar and Mandy Kiddyfiddler, without question, or completely devoid of anger at those raping us in every orifice on a daily basis.

There does seem to be a hint of suppressed panic from the Chatterati and their EU idolised counterparts. Naturally when we hear that  the EU  has a massive and expensive grip on our food, is it little surprise there are cries of criminal conspiracies? We need to get out of this club of evil.  Small is not only more manageable and accountable, it is a lot healthier. That is a fact writ large in our supermarkets and purveyors of excrement riddled muck, they pass off as food. All the while the fat cats from banks, Westminster and NHS headquarters laugh at us on their chauffeur driven trips and private flights to their offshore banks!

Still, if we are all so addled and corralled by the Common Purpose Cartels and their Mafia Drug Barons, the ruling classes can rest easy with only their own internal conflicts to bother them. there again, that particular price of a seat at the top table might also be as nauseating, on a daily basis, as that which they pour on our plated and heads.


  1. Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction film. Check the plot in google. Ring any bells?

    1. I would not be surprised to read next week they found human DNA in Finduus lasagna. I mean they have all them bodies now that the NHS are killing off in their 'death pathway' plan. Another great one OR shame so few comments when you write such good stuff.

    2. Most kind, Anon. Bit by bit we move forward!

  2. Did you read the report of a woman out dining (oxymoron)at at Asian restaurant with a group of friends, tasted something awful in her food had the presence of mind to put some in a tissue, later on it being tested was found to have a high fecal matter content.the moral is,you can enjoy eating shit if it has enough curry on it. another moral, its not the lies that fool you, its who tells them that will.