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Thursday, 21 February 2013

It's Still The Economy, Stupid.

How Government Always Screws Twice.

The best Chancellor Of The Exchequer we never had nor, probably, never will. he shows calmly in the linked piece how revenues are nowhere near the "experts" forecasts and stagnation reigns supreme. A stagnation heavily promoted by the LibDum and Socialist redistribution mantras. The idea that give us all benefits and unearned incomes, housing and "fairness" and Utopia will blossom in the fetid slums and obese ridden ghettoes of ignorance and stupidity. 

Let's get real. Barely 30% of the population of The UK are intelligent, reasoning, literate and savvy, to the political control they vote for. Most MPs despise their electorate. Still the idiots vote for the very Parties which treat them to the more draconian tax levels. It would seen that taxation is inversely proportional to intellect for most people.

Nevertheless, bureaucracy also flourishes on high taxation as The Civil Service demands not only jobs for life but the less secure, therefore better rewarded for successful effort, high incomes, of the risk bearing private sector. Taxation is a burden few understand, as the Civil Service plunder that source to fund wine cellars and inflation proof pensions. 

If the management of our economy and national affairs was decent, few would begrudge the burden placed on our incomes. However the squandering on EU membership, illegal and futile interference in conflicts we can do little about. Plus the endemic corruption to be found in procurement and cosy insider trading, quietly enriching our tax inspectors and their fellow Whitehall cronies, as they prepare for their retirement directorships in banks and multi-national, favoured corporations, is a wasteful misuse of tax revenues.

If we ever were to see a Government with cojones how delicious a thorough cleansing of Whitehall would be. Unfortunately that would require a massive electoral win by a popular Party other than the present three useless players. In turn it would need an awareness and understanding by the Jeremy Kyle afficiendos that there poverty and penury are deliberately engineered to subdue. 

So, in essence, the screwing of all, for the benefit of a few, will go on. I guess we suffer the tax regimes we deserve. However, Nirvana and wealth as a Nation will never flourish whilst we cling to the belief that all that is required is ever more taxation of the dwindling few, bright enough to hold down decent jobs and earnings. Certainly the politicians in Brussels, with their two Parliament building largesse, and literal   gravy train  lifestyles will never reduce the bureaucratic teat sucking demand for more and more of other peoples' money. 

Some tips for a healthy economy. Leave The EU and scrap MEPs. Leave Afghanistan. Build strong, UK equipped forces to look after The UK homelands. Make Civil Servants responsible for their actions. Sack the likes of Labour placements such as Nicholson. Note lily livered Camoron's defense of the cretinous failure, for God's sake. Scrap the Trident replacement. Get fracking and stop the ridiculous "green" energy rubbish. Global warming is a myth, climate change natural. Adapt, not addle, your way through such phenomena.

Above all else stop trying to be a super power and grasp the idea that it's better for your tax burdened, screwed over minority working force and middle classes, to be like Scandinavian nations. Compact and manageable. Financially solvent and properly rewarded for effort and work. A cared for and well educated citizenry, capable of smelling socialist nastiness in all of its forms. Particularly its obsession with stealing taxing 
everything we do and the air we breathe.

Sounds very Conservative, doesn't it? Trouble is no such creatures exist anymore. Sold out to the LibDums and Bliar's vision of a centre ground wasteland! Aided and abetted by sycophants throughout the once proud Chairmanship ranks of a decimated Tory Constituency Party Offices. You know the ones, so happy to put Camoron at the top rather than see the likes of David Davies or John Redwood do a better job of spending our money. 

As for my title "Screwed twice". I refer to that gross unfairness wherebye Sir Humphrey dreamt up the wheeze of charging us all VAT on top of fuel duty. A tax on tax. Endless isn't it?

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  1. illegal and futile interference in conflicts we can do little about

    Worse than that, these scumbags have mostly engineered the conflicts in the first place! War criminals, the lot of 'em.