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Saturday, 16 February 2013


Rudderless And Running Scared.

Note the headline, "warns" but in the actual wording we get "urges". In other words "it's all talk and no trousers". Nothing will happen, Nicholson will strut the untouchable stage inhabited by the Civil Servant cadre of Brussels empowered despots. Camoron, Milibad et all will tremble before them.

All we ever get are meaningless words. No action whilst the Shiites  in Brussels plot and scheme, cajole and blackmail, all and sundry. The path of corruption and favouritism, beloved of communist regimes, reigns supreme. Their secretive unaccountability, regardless of the mindless suffering of the old and frail, the weak and vulnerable, remains untouched.

What a lily livered, kowtowing bunch of self seeking morons rule over us. Hunt's pathetic and lame language, aided and abetted by Camoron, is designed to make he, Hunt, become an "untouchable", as he chases the holy grail of personal riches held aloft by the likes of Bliar, Mandy Kiddyfiddler and the Kinnock dynasty. Just you watch as the NHS and the food processing scandals are quietly shuffled away, just as the ghastly greed of the MP expenses nastiness.

It appears that all Hunt can do is urge, for heaven's sake. The whole nation is baying for that corporate "Jack The Ripper" of the NHS, Nicholson, to go. Yet another very powerful Labour placement, Keir Starmar, is in charge of who the CPS chooses to chase down. It won't be fellow placemen and women. Killers or not. 

Our elected politicians are in thrall to their Cabinet Secretaries, who in turn wield the nightmare, draconian socialism of the EUSSR. Well, at least some chickens are coming home to roost. They in the form of the elderly and sick crowding our useless NHS trust corridors of vomit and excrement, created out of Labours' idealogical lust for power at any price.

Will the Civil Service or this present Government scream to the skies who brought all this mayhem on our heads? Of course not, too scared of their own skeletal jammed cupboards, I assume. Weak, pathetic, rudderless and sailing in ever decreasing circles onto the central rocks on which they will impale us all.


  1. There's no doubt that Nicholson, as head of the NHS, is culpable and should be sacked. I see that, a/c to Wikipedia *ahem*, he is designated the 'Head of the English National Health Service', so, more accurately, it's the ENHS

    I think we're all agreed that our country is in a mess and we need people to untangle the web. People is us. People is feet on the street - not just against Cons, LibDems or Lab, but against the whole rotten corrupt hive. We need to tweezer them out of local government too.

    On a personal note, I need an uplift - any pics of Mrs OR's garden?

    1. Dear GV,

      Bless you and your move South West! 2013 pics will be awhile but I'll see what I can do.

  2. I see in the Mail today sabres been rattled about 'Judges tearing up the British constitution by allowing foreign criminals using the Human Rights act to avoid been deported' They think we are all a bunch of idiots they have signed up to all this nonsense it just spin to let the people know we wont stand for this but they have to. Just like the horse meat they again handed over control for food standards to the EU. Where the ***** is Lord Rooker the head of the food standards another Nicholson.
    Common Purpose have removed all access to their web sites getting worried are they?

    1. Who has died from the horse meat scandal?, just a cover from the mass murder in the NHS , sounds like they want the old to die, frees up property, ends pension payments, replace them with newcomers (sounds better than immigrants), when will Chilcot story be released? during a non-event scandal.