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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

EU King?


How apt. The meeting referred to is taking place in Rome. As The Pontiff quits, in fear of revelations, (not Biblical ones), this bunch of cretins meet at the centre of a resounding two fingered gesture to the EU by The Italian electorate. Albeit they may have to do an "Irish" and vote until the "right" result is declared!

For my part I regard the picture above to be the epitome of the EU and Common Purpose Americans. The tide, as all tides are, is awash with good and bad constituents. Both engulfing the ill equipped, intellectual pygmies of Western Governance. Syrian intervention is stupid. Look at the disasters that are Iraq and Afghanistan.

Look at the tidal waters awash with economic and political failure full to the salty brim with EU effluent deposited over decades of corruption, power seeking and dictatorial nastiness. It is ironic that the tide lapping at their feet is also so toxic as to drive them into the abyss of "global warming" nightmare drowning inflicted to date on their citizens. Many of whom are also now part of the waters lapping round their ankles.

Roll on high tide for these ghastly and woeful Cnuts. Such a perfect scenario and Anglo Saxon name for the final drowning of this terrible political scam called The EU!

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