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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Damned By The Damned!.

The NHS Misery.

The picture above is where Labours' 13 years of "targets" is likely to end. I suspect quite a few meetings chaired by that evil and ghastly bureaucrat and nepotist, Nicholson,  from his early days and through three Governments, followed the blueprint found here.

I couldn't add to this excellent excoriation flaying the legacy of those smug hypocrites of Labour ,now happily mimicked by this Cobbleition of morons. Well most of them. Especially the wrecking ball operators in LibDum hi-viz jackets, like Cable and Clegg. If you read no more on the utter nastiness of Labours' incompetence, read this and weep.

Just as with The BBC paedophile cover ups, so with the NHS. Indeed the two are conjoined by that dead creep, Savile. No coincidence, that. Still, we have a little further to go before the image above becomes a reality for more of us. Sadly Nicholson clings to his post, aided and abetted by the weak and ineffectual pillock in Downing Street. That Snotty Brown reincarnation does as Milibad does, passes by on the other side. Cretins and pygmies. Not fit to exist let alone lead.


  1. ... one actual survivor of Auschwitz graphically compared her treatment at Stafford with her misery under the Nazis. “At least I had friends in Auschwitz, here I have none at all,” she told another patient, Bella Bailey, who died alongside her shortly after.

  2. Best to avoid the NHS death camps23 February 2013 at 22:21

    As Kipling wrote: "When you're left wounded on Afghanistan's plains, and the women are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a soldier!"