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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Coming Soon.

Equal Marriage For Paedophiles?

Today many MPs called to push their modernising agenda further. As gay "marriage" joins the ranks of those queuing for the services of divorce lawyers, quoting mass infidelity, prevalent amongst the shirt raising community, Lord Mandleson was heard to argue for the age of homosexual buggery to be lowered by several years.

In his heavily attended news conference of sycophants from across the Globe, he said why not make legitimate and inclusive the abuse of children? He argued that the cost of policing child abduction, sex slavery and Islamic "arranged" marriages, amongst the young, could save billions.

As for the grooming scandals across the length and breadth of The UK and Europe, if no longer a sex crime, pursuit of such pederasts and rapists would be even less intensive than it is.

He went on to say how many, many tortured and fear racked, important paedophiles could be spared the agony of being found out. Unlike Huhne, their indiscretions could be wiped away with the stroke of a pen. He stated that the support he had from all sides of The House proved the will to introduce these issues and legislate them away for the good of all the public people gorged on their own depravity. 

What's not to like? A new, modern society, steeped in all the excesses and abuse of Sodom and Gomorrah. A world where anything goes if you have power and the little people become even more enslaved to the new world order of greed and debauchery.


  1. I watched this debate today and was sickened by all the homosexual MPs with their own agenda and the right-on liberals. I cannot vote labour, not that I did, because of their open-door immigration policy (Blair, Straw etc), and the destruction of the country's economy (Brown, Balls, Milliband). I would never ever vote Lib Dem - what right minded person would? Now I can no longer vote Conservative because I cannot support any party who promotes sodomy. UKIP for me from now on, the true conservative party.

    1. How can the Conservative Party or indeed ANY party 'promote' sodomy? The fact is people's sexuality is INNATE and NOT learnt. The Tories can no more 'promote' sodomy than they can 'promote' people being born left-handed.

    2. Anon, the promotion of something is done regularly. Multiculturalism, how wonderful The EUSSR is, climate change caused by human existence. As for left handedness, as such a person I would like all UK left handed citizens to be favoured and receive promotions or gifts, before anybody else. Get my drift?

  2. Yernow what OR i was thinking along those lines earlier.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of making the rules up as you go along, sod me metaphorically if they'd sorted this out earlier dear old Sunny Jim would still be a saint.

    Ever find yourself wondering if you took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up, like Alice, in some surreal bloody living hell.



  3. Your blogpost is exactly where we are heading. All those politicians need to be excused under law for what they did when Jimmy Saville arranged things. This vote is the first step.

    Utter evil. An voting UKIP next time. The Conservative Party is an utter joke.