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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

An Untouchable And An Angel.

Which One Garners Great Wealth?

Of necessity we should further question what is meant by wealth. If it's a charmed, untouchable life, as an ex-communist sympathiser  and political sucker up to the  incumbents of the day, for personal, despite incompetent credentials as a human being, wealth, our man on the right is supreme.

If it's wealth as a brave and courageous whistle blower, in the face of unpleasant bullying and nastiness from those appointed by our Nicky Boy, the lovely in looks and nature, our joyous  Brunette, wins hands down.Not least in the matter of looks betraying the beauty within!

We should then peer a little harder at our Knight of the realm. Our superior and Lord to be. Such credentials to preside over a dictatorial and nasty regime, as boss of more quangos at once, than most of us knew existed. Note, on top of his many job titles, how he still found time to get his second Mrs on board the gravy train of fellow tax teat suckers. “He is presently married to Sarah-Jane Marsh, who was a former intern on the NHS-graduate scheme, and is now the £155,000 a year Chief Executive of Birmingham Children's Hospital”  Suffer the little ones, I guess.

Now the idea that this is how life works, "It's not what you know but who you know that counts", is all very well. Yet surely when the individuals concerned are of this ilk, as most of the senior civil service top brass are,  should there be a better way? One which puts the fragrant courage of Nurse Helena ahead of the Mrs Nicholsons and Berk Bercow, women? 

Sadly this crooked and moral vacuum, so endemic in our civil service culture is a hard nut to crack. As is the political elite such as The Bliars, Mandlesons, Balls, Milibads, Leon Brittains. In the latter politicians' case, of course, we sometimes do get some justice. Huhne being a rare example. In the case of Sir Humphrey, I cannot recall one of those people ever getting their just desserts. 

Be it the economic, military or domestic nightmares the Civil Service arrogance visit on our heads,  these "untouchables" and placemen carry on unscathed. Just as in Brussels. If we return to Nicholson as our prime example we see a snapshot of why we are in the mire we are. Of course the socialist fingerprints are everywhere, too. Big time in Nicholson's pre mega salary days as a communist party member. Champagne communists as well as socialists, eh?

You and many others might think, "So what"? Here's why. He and his ilk watched over, led, influenced and tolerated the Mid-Staffordshire horror. For that's what it was and remains. “The "appalling" levels of care that led to needless deaths have already been well documented by a 2009 report by the Healthcare Commission and  an , imagine yourself or loved ones in this.  Plus  this report of 2010 ." From one of these I quote, “One woman, who gave evidence, told the inquiry: "My Mum was in absolute agony, I can hear her screams now, as I walked into the ward."

If you read the links you come upon Burnham refusing a public enquiry. He knew from the likes of Nicholson whispering in his ear, that such an enquiry would highlight Labour's and Burnham's incompetent stewardship of what Labour claim to be "their" NHS. Naturally the present Government are also scared of driving that point home. Nervous of alienating their Sir Humphreys. Always a constant battle between Whitehall and the power hungry politicians with the Nation piggy in the middle.

It must change. Huhne's offensive offences pale into nothing compared to the suffering of the sick and vulnerable. If the cretins at the top had any decency they would humiliate Nicholson, deservedly, his pals and fellow colluding shite in Whitehall and promote the likes of Nurse Helene Donnelly and those like her. 

The Public should also not forget on whose 13 year watch this all came about. We don't need to violently destroy buildings and property, just make those responsible and paid huge rewards to pull the strings of power, suffer proportionately when they fail. Instead, ere long, we'll have "Arise Lord Patient Slayer Nicholson".

Now the sky is beautiful and blue outside, I mustn't miss the flying pig flypast, must I? A plague on all their houses. £155,00 a year for the man's wife! Bloody hell.

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  1. This is what these low life Common Propose scum do milk the system for as much money as they can the NHS is a prime example.. That creep Nicholson needs stringing up.