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Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Glass Half Empty Day.

So Much Predictably Controlled.

As the tiny little dust devil of 1200 deaths at Stafford Hospital occupies our frivolous and irrelevant media and the BBC skirt daintily around which Government presided over the horror, my mood of today is despairing. That because there is little sign today that this excellent and forensic report, damning of those responsible, at every level, will have any effect. In particular, those still reaping vast personal reward, on the back of their corporate cruelty and manslaughter, will remain free to do ever more harm. Just you see.

Raedwald points this out very well, in this post. This is why I called the matter a little dust devil. In the heart of the blatantly despicable Civil Service, (what a misnomer that now is), it is a mere minor puff of wind, which will go unnoticeable in the sealed and secretive corridors of Whitehall.

How surreal it is that this monumental cruelty and total Orwellian control freakery, carries barely a murmur. You can be forgiven for thinking this dark and wicked chapter, in our modern and blighted, socialist world, was under a Tory watch, for all the condemnation it has attracted within this rotten Establishment. "Vote Labour and watch your nearest and dearest tortured and killed. Roll up, roll up to have your earnings pissed up the wall, your housing estates made multi-cultural, disease ridden, death trap ghettoes and your orphaned girls and boys the sex toys of Asian gangs and metropolitan elites, combined".

They listen, they see it all around them and they vote Labour in their droves. OK, The other two are little better but that small difference is probably worth many lives saved, even so! Still, our home grown plunderers pale into insignificance behind Brussels.

More bail out funds headed for Ireland because they've been good little EU, subservient, europeans, the small "e" intentional. More begging letters will be read out by  those wanting to rape our seas even more, whilst we quietly nod all this crap through, arguing passionately and so pompously and wasting millions on debating legalised buggery in Churches and sapphic titillation for the less prurient thickos in our midst. As a friend pointed out at lunch yesterday, what are we to call a gay Monarch partnership? Both King Queens? Or two Dykes on a Sceptre? 

So, as we observe this ever larger re-enactment of Sodom and Gomorrah, you might forgive my mood of today. As the paedophiles such as Pederast  Mandy Pete and the worshippers at the shrine of Saint Jimmy Fixer, together with the, in all but name, the NHS murderers such as Nicholson, blithely go untouched, my post today is a rare cry of anguish at how they get away with it. 

What, if anything, can move millions to say "Enough is enough"?  Seemingly, nothing. It must be something in the water. Nothing else explains the apathy and acceptance of so much nastiness and evil, nothing.


  1. Hillsborough, NHS Torture and murder. Poofter Parliament,
    mass immigration, the volcano of paedophilia abuse ready to shower the nation at any time now try reading the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". this Bliars roadmap

    on Scottish Government !!!

    Not many deed !!!

  3. Viscount Rectum nails it.
    There's also some excellent comments about the NHS over at the Biased BBC blog and how the Labour party/hospital managers/senior nurses (aided by the BBC of course) have got away with it.

    1. On the 25/2/13 at Horsham Magistrates Court, A man who is refusing to pay his Licence Fee to the BBC because of its support for terrorism ie 911 and who may have done it many big important witnesses will give evidence for him, the court has set aside three hours for the hearing, the world will be watching

    2. Thanks Mona, I'll be watching with interest.