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Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Compulsive Legend And Liar.....

In His Own Mind.

If only this were a mug shot.

This didn't feature, of course.  Not at all. The late unlamented Harlot Of The Sofa, Ms Williams, flashed her now tired, crow's feet eyes and short skirted clad pins but our Tone had the camera to himself. His immaculate, £10,000 minimum, attire oozed the riches garnered via BAE fraudster collusion, SFO enquiry stifling and Libyan blood money. Quite why he was there escaped me. Must have another "Liar's handbook", 2013 edition, to flog.

In all that's sacred, this ghastly Anthony Lynton Bliar  preened and posed his overrated claim to statesman, whilst ignoring the now ever mounting understanding of where he and his Wife's ill gotten fortune comes from. Of course, since this was his minor personal creation, The BBC Sycophants Corporation, we were not treated to any examination of this man's contribution to the hell on earth Iraq and The Middle East are becoming.

Not one second was he questioned as to how he squares his millions with the wasteland of an economy he left behind. A Nation's wealth squandered and laundered to the cause of bought elections and stuffed back pockets. Sure, it was ever thus but even the robber barons were eventually brought to book. All that's changed is the modern world has a far reaching network, wherein if you gain admission to the den of Global Thieves, your wealth is assured. Your freedom from prosecution purchased at the price of your soul.

As I watched this manufactured doyen of socialist pretentiousness  flaunt everything the Left purports to hate about privilege and wealth, courted as he was by a princess of the Chatterati, my stomach churned. How this wretched man can sleep at night escapes me. Even more puzzling is his sainthood so readily accepted by the Left, whilst they pour their hypocritical nastiness and bile over the greatest Prime Minister since Churchill. 

This ability to gloss over the awfulness of socialism, in practice, the Left and their cohorts at The BBC manage effortlessly, is pathetic. No doubt our Tone is being lined up as flag bearer to the Federal EU flag being unfurled over Westminster, or some such front-man role. Only one big problem, of course, will Brussels be able to match Bliar's fees received from oil rich Middle Eastern Despots?

I've had many Sundays marred (pun intended) by this programme. Not least Snotty doing his Kenny Everett leg crossing impressions but this morning my revulsion knew no bounds. Labour, the real face of a political Party for whom the ends always justify the means to grab power. The "people" get conned into believing the Trade Union backed moronic failure of this movement doesn't happen. 

Even when confined to decades of penury, housing estates slums before they're built and ghettoes filled with seething multi-cultural tribal and racist hating immigrants, , the sheeples look at men like Bliar and the Milibads, Snotty, Balls/Coopers and the  Keith Vaz sibling, burgeoning, Kinnock style,  dynasty and still vote for more incompetence, neglect, pain. and hypocrisy writ large. Is it not strange how these people decry inherited privilege and still seek to build their own! Prescott another such hypocrite along with  Jack "the lad" Straw.

Just look at The NHS legacy from this crew. Placemen and women at the top of Primary "Care" Trusts. There because they are Labours' bouncers,  required to replace the medical professionals who lean towards conservatism and standards, so hated by the Left. Nobody questions 13 years of utter failure by Labour and Bliar. Sure they could spend but always unwisely and on projects designed to hide their agenda for totalitarianism. Power then used to feather their own nests and purchase their own mansions and palaces.

Ask Bliar and  Pederast Mandleson how they afford their multi-million pound property portfolios. Socialism, my a**se. Still, the sheeples, be they imported or lobotomised, home grown, thickos, will get them back ere long. It's needed soon, many of them are down to their last few million.


  1. When is the Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq, going to be be released, lets start an Inquiry as to why it has not been released (we know really Camelshit has suppressed it). David Ike must be right, Bliar is a reptilian, and studying his face he is underweight hopefully he is dying.

  2. You WATCHED him......?

    I couldn't, I just could not...

    And my opinion of "Sharn" plummeted when I saw her repetitious, challengeless "interview" of Big (and getting ever bigger) Al G.

    Radical Rodent

  3. I couldn't bring meself to watch or even listen to the scum either, you must have a stronger stomach than me.

    How do you not brick the bloody telly?


  4. The Catholic convert is as lossed, as most others. His 'leadership' is an example of the direction of 'society'.