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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

You May Not Believe Me.

I Really Do Despise People Like This.

They're nearly always Socialists!


  1. Hypocritical scumbag.

  2. That should read They're are always socialist cunts.

  3. OR

    What on earth is wrong with you people, there's nothin' for free nowadays.
    Dddddon't you know how mmmuch it costs to eat in the best restaurants in London.Someone has ttto pay for the lifestyle I've become accustomed to and it certainly is not going to bbe mmme or my fellow superiors. The Cheek. And wwe don't call you PLEBS wwe know your'e just Peasants. Now back to work and earn some TAXmoney

  4. I do believe, OR, that I have the very word needed to describe this odious piece of human refuse. I humbly submit that there is not a single word here with which we could disagree ...

    Shameless n.

    Synonyms: shameless, brazen, barefaced, brash, impudent, unblushing.

    These adjectives apply to that which defies social or moral proprieties and is marked by a bold lack of shame. Shameless implies a lack of modesty, of sense of decency, or regard for others' rights or feelings: a shameless liar; a shameless accusation.

    Brazen suggests flagrant, insolent audacity: a brazen impostor; brazen arrogance.
    Barefaced specifies undisguised brazenness: a barefaced hypocrite; a barefaced lie.
    Brash stresses impetuousness, lack of tact, and often crass indifference to consequences or to considerations of decency: a brash newcomer; brash demands.
    Impudent suggests offensive boldness or effrontery: an impudent student; an impudent misrepresentation.
    Unblushing implies an inappropriate lack of shame or embarrassment: an unblushing apologist; unblushing obsequiousness.

    An all round bad egg, in other words!

  5. I heard this piece of shite had a thing going with that other piece of shite Gordon, if you get what I mean, as for Kardashian's TITS I don't think I could handle them.

  6. He is not a chap who we would wish to invite for dinner, or even tea for that matter. What is a little worrying is that there are others worse than him. When I think of some Labour MP's from that area from the past it is dismaying so see who represents those districts now.

  7. There really is only one, he is the pinnacle of EVIL,that is Bliar, we have a dumb stupid copper calling for mass drug tests for working citizens yet could not stir his arse about a monster among us who contaminates the very air we breathe, Damnation on you Bliar and that dumb stupid copper.