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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two Related Stories.

Lazy, Cosseted Perishers.

Information released show the laziness and disdain these "clerks" have for their public salaries. Most consider themselves unsackable, lack motivation and any real sense of duty or service to us, their paymasters. As for their erstwhile managers, all they care about is inter departmental gossip and career positioning. Their internal politics shamefully narcissistic.

A second story, I feel one which highlights the first debacle, is the utter unfit for purpose UKBA. This lot were nudged and winked by the last Government and its placements., into ignoring the mass immigration shambles and nightmare now overwhelming our public services, infrastructure and the NHS. Of course, in this unreal world of anything goes, promotion comes on the back of ineptitude, big time. It's their way.

So it's little wonder our borrowing soars ever higher when the "production" levels of this massive State employment monolith gets ever less value for money. Add these self same attitudes to the legion of fellow "civil servants" in the EU offices and fiefdoms and in a nutshell you have a perfect cause and effect for the austerity throughout Europe. Too many something for nothing, keyboard surfers and graspers. Whittle this lot down by 70% and find them real work or else let them find out what the real world requires, and billions would be saved. 

Of course, like the car and mining industries of yore, the union bully boys rule this particular roost, so I won't hold my breath. It's their present day wrecking ball playground.

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