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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Those Pesky Hidden Agendas.

So EU.

Today's brief, momentary little snippets arise from defence costs and budgets. The topic of the second was senior police recruitment from overseas.  Think of Obummer's passion for a UK subservience to an Orwellian world. So with the need for Eurasia to have American weaponry of anhialistic (I much prefer this word to WMD) capability but which Europe has no money or real desire for, why not quietly build the EU military services, anyway. 

Already we have the various quite blatant signs. Plus the undue haste we have rushed into Mali and called Afghanistan a NATO intervention, which is already a euphemism for an EU presence, sans US gas. Neat stuff, really and allows the American attention to focus elsewhere and more easterly. Then there is the apparent UK political confusion about defense costs. Don't believe it. It's an agreed policy to reduce British military forces and to prevent the future need, to implement draconian measures, reliant on home grown citizens against their fellow country folk. Already happening in Greece. So hardly a theory, is it?

I've written on this before and one other glaring organisation draws the military and policing long term ambition together rather neatly. It also shows the sheer scale of EU subterfuge and long term, rather unpleasant, planning. This second topic of the day, police senior ranks drawn from abroad, emphasises where we're headed. 

A trans- continental mix and match of nationals used to police all but their own countries. As for this particular set up, if you believe the platitudes and not the reality of this outfit, you're delusional. It's another force able to be utilised to suppress the lovers of democratic, national identity.

I really cannot believe that all of these differing strands, the impotent National debates and the pure secrecy for which Brussels is an obsessive practitioner are irrelevant to the direction we are blindly stumbling towards. One which our Privy Councillors are party to and seemingly in agreement with. To be eighteen years old, in this terrible future which awaits , is not a pleasant time to be an adult.

If you find in a few years time you wish to demonstrate, as in Athens this week, you will probably be faced with a Turkish police force, with evil intent to redeem perceived past Islamic defeats. Still, at least you will have been warned.

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