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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Pettiness Of The Bureaucrat Classes.

Even If I'm Uninformed.

Why on earth not? regardless of any British honour, bravery, in my view, is worthy of as many medals as offered. When we witness the vast array of "honours" adorning the chests of Royalty, often linked to overseas awards, plus dubious others of a home grown nature, then this denial looks to OR even more sniffy.

Still, soon there will be a cabinet of EU honours to be had, for the bureaucrats now ruling the roost. I guess they don't want any competition from veterans who actually fought to keep Britain sovereign. Rather they seek honours for handing us over to all and sundry, without a shot being fired.


  1. Agreed absolutely, OR.

    I was in a pub in Colchester last year (catching up with a few chums from the daft days) when I noticed a grey haired but ramrod straight gentleman who had a simple and discreet Burma Star in his lapel. He had probably given far more of himself to this country with Wingate and the rest of the Chindits than any poseur from the upper echelons of rarefied twits who beribbon themselves every time they go for a piss.

    We made sure that he didn't pay for a pint for the remainder of the evening.

  2. A loved uncle was on the Russian Convoys, later he went down in The Channel in June 1944 having escorted the first armoured troops into Normandy. I would like my cousins to have his medal, because there is no other.