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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Such Banality.

From Milibad And Camoron.

Despite the fact that so many of us predicted the sheer vacuity Camoron's speech, Milibad launches no more than a diversionary spat and ridiculous, totally pro-EU, stance. Already Milibad has chosen his complete subservience, regardless of the poverty and mess his beloved EU has created. 

One matter is, as ever, dominant. The EU and our economy has been devastated by the stupidity and incompetence of this European dream to be a Common Purpose Region. One in a world government of  a pretend socialist but in reality, corporate dictatorship. 

For all the screaming and nasty subterfuge, there is no desire for this from all the peoples of Europe. This disinterest will boil over into a serious understanding of the treachery and evil this programme for a Federal Europe contains. Already the signs are there and the UK anti EU stance is more reflected throughout Europe than the movers and shakers realise.


  1. The trouble is that it will take a major shock to make people realise. The bigger trouble is that they are all too likely to get one.

    1. Too true, the Major shock will be the Bulgar-Roma invasion Jan 2014, we didn't want the Germans here in 1940 and we did something about it, so what are we going to do about this lot.

  2. I surely hope and pray that England can ditch the EU, the sooner the better!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today, and your kind words, OR. I'm still around. Was very busy the first few weeks of the year, entertaining a good pal from across the pond. He'll be writing a post about it soon, I hope ( surprise) will ensue. It was a pleasure. If you and your wife ever want to visit too, you'd be most welcome, although I know this crap city, esp. in winter, isn't that much fun, hee hee. Cheers, Bunni & Kittehkins

    1. Hi, Sweety. Lovely to see you active and having such great support. Spidey has much to be admired as a loyal friend and great Blogger!

      Stay in there and keep us all up to speed as well as blogging whenever you can. Did you pick up on this?

      Standards, eh?