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Monday, 28 January 2013

So Laurel And Hardy.

Except real People Are Undergoing Dreadful Hardships.

The EU Reality!

Part one is every bit as illuminating as this part two. Add to the mix this excellent piece, posing "What happened to the EU crisis and my one of several "bete noire" surface. This one being how little we get to know from behind the scenes of the secretive and paranoid establishments.

Note well the complexity of the so called agreements bouncing off so many UN, Regional and Global walls, as to be head-spinningly  expensive and confusing. Also the conflicts arising from a global interference in National boundaries and waters provides the never ending background to all human conflict. Arguments over resources and lands.

Now rather than address the issues pertaining to human nature's passionate covetousness and greed, we witness the creation of a plethora of treaties and agreements. Anyone of which, broken, can lead to major conflict. Yet our Camoron's and his real best friends on The Labour benches and even next door rooms, argue for more and more "cast iron" promises from the faceless cretins in Brussels. A bunch of Merkel led and unpleasant teat suckers who, IMHO had a pretty big say in Mr Big Let Down's hailed speech last week.

Why do I say this? easy peasy. Let me offer you something in the same way as the Baby Faced, follicular challenged stooge did. I will share all of my worldly goods with my next door neighbours and my followers on this blog, sometime after 2015. That is if I get a prime job as resident blogger on Newsnight, in 2015. Also my pledge will only be honoured if I am allowed to have it voted on by the entire UK electorate. 

That vote will be one wherebye a question is put in such a manner as to ensure I and my European Gestapo will have the option to run it over and over again, until we get the answer we want. Not only that, the answer we will desire, at any point, will be  that which gives us the most power and control. Just as we achieved in Ireland. So those hidden caveats are where the real "cast iron" will be found. Indeed, if you peer behind you and look down you will see the rod of metal protruding from your anal passages. 

Thanks a bunch, Davy Boy. Great speech if you were looking for a can to boot down the road. Unfortunately by the time we catch up, ready for the next kick, we will be infinitely worse off than even now. Jut you wait and see. We need out now. Then a joyous two years of really repatriating powers, prior to independence and a return to some semblance of national pride and success.

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