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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sins Of The Past.

Haunt The Present.

I find it amazing.  That is the manner of colonial subjugation having given rise to the wholesale replacement of indigenous populations, we now welcome, seemingly, the same happenings in our own lands. Furthermore we have a media which reports narrow, directed and propaganda driven commentary,  rather than news. Unlike most of RT.

On this same subject of colonisation and media we observe this otherwise unreported matter from Greece. Since this is at odds with The EU message of harmony and delusional sunny uplands rubbish from Rompuy and others last week, such matters as extreme shortages throughout Spain and Portugal and the draconian EU impositions on the Greek people, are not to be reported by the conniving European lick-spittle press.

A press pretty well as tame in The US as in Europe. As for the USA, their historic claim to fame is the butchery and genocide of that Continents indigenous peoples. North and South. As debated elsewhere, The Argentinian "holier than thou" stance on the Falkland's population is somewhat rich in hypocrisy.

So for OR, power to the elbows of all indigenous peoples, including the Anglo Saxons!

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  1. It is not the sins of the past that ought not to worry us but the sins of the present, the two arse-bandits Cameron-Clegg in their desire for polluting the divinity of Mankinds highest achievement the purity of the marriage ceremony, which raises us above the animal, those two will rot in Hell, lets not join them