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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Yet Again.

As the sun sets on yet another abject and costly political and diplomatic failure of Western incompetence, despite billions of dollars and many thousands of lives squandered, another death stains the already very dirty clothes our "leaders" wear. 

This latest killing, by what in all common sense, is a freedom fighter in his own land, proves, as if proof were necessary, that our meddling is just about as bad as it gets. The reaction to 9/11 to root out terror camps was the right thing to do. To engineer very badly regime change in order to seek financial gain for arms and other global, corporate henchmen has proven disastrous. 

My only beef with this is I have the dishonour to have my Nation and taxes plundered to pay for these gross mistakes. Even that pales into insignificance at the fatalities employed for little more than arms dealers, drug dealers and their compliant political masters benefit and personal gain.

That we are to get a very bloody nose from this Afghanistan and Iraqi is almost acceptable except for my personal lack of freedom to have had a say. Gives representative politics a very bad name for the clowns it produces.   


  1. "The PM's thoughts are very much with the family and friends of the soldier who was killed." Do you think that waste of space gave one second thought to the family or the murdered soldier. I think this nonsense has cost the UK taxpayer £16 billion as well as well as the lost of life. You had that idiot Brown getting involved now Cameron is just as stupid.

  2. The Taliban told the Americans, if they produced any evidence that Bin Laden was involved in 911 they would hand him over to them, as you should know the Americans never issued a international arrest warrant for him, my brother was in New York on 911 and saw the white plane that was flying high over NY at the time of the attacks, Bin Laden certainly was not in it,try loose or captain or if you wish try dummies r us watch BBC news. RIP dear soldier I am so sorry


    It may become even worse as six UK troops were also wounded in the same attack that killed this soldier. I know that you record the numbers of combat hospital admissions on your blog OR but our own UK media ignore them?
    O/T - I find the coalition's decision to 'celebrate' the commencement of WW1, in 2014, insincere, crass, thoughtless and disrespectful. 37 million military and civilian dead, countless injured and traumatised is not to my mind something to remember in its origin but in its end which is already honoured every November. With the GE sometime in 2015 - they wouldn't be trying to ignite some national feeling for their political gain - perish the thought?

    1. I once saw Bliar, Brown and other political filth at the Cenotaph wearing Poppies, I felt sick, I vowed never to wear a poppy again.

  4. For the occasional mistake and penetration, there are many successes. It pains me that there have to be so many unsung heroic deeds. Look away from the media-vultures for a moment to see more clearly the global struggle against the forces of unreason. (I like that, "The Forces of Unreason", or FOU, french for mad, time to start a movement.)

  5. "Occasional" or increasingly Ed P?
    So called 'green on blue' NATO deaths
    2008 - 2
    2009 - 10
    2010 - 20
    2011 - 35
    2012 - 51