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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Orwellian Speak Is Alive And Well!

Buried In The UK Met Office.

"The trend towards more extreme rainfall events is one we are seeing around the world, in countries such as India and China, and now potentially here in the UK," said Met Office chief scientist Prof Julia Slingo. The BBC and the Met Office, two cheeks of the same bum.

Note the mumbling and quietly whispered non compliant cooling and freezing! As someone who has spent a lifetimes with weather and aviation, little has changed other than the changeability itself. All that has changed is Common Purpose sees climate another milch cow to pull. Aided and abetted by commercial, corrupt minded politicians, like this smug bar tender. The wonder is that Morecambe and Wise must still be alive and writing the scripts. The joke of the year to date is that we must now expect more "extreme weather" events .

No nod to history and our latitude, you'll note. The very reason why our "events" can be unpredictable and "extreme|". Note also this little bit of forgotten work, messing with the Moon! Now call me daft but with nuclear explosions all over the planet and two tons of explosive powered into our tidal influence in space, might our meek little efforts at forecasting "climate change" be rather pathetic? over to Professor Slingo. Must have a Phd. in water vapour, I guess or followed this slavishly. See what I mean about the gag writers? Here's a cracking selection even more serious hilarity.,

I'll leave you with this. Funny as hell!

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