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Friday, 18 January 2013

Looks Like We're Losing WW3.

As For Our Streets being Safe.

Western capitalist decline, though originally a worthwhile national political and economic philosophy, is accelerating on the back of the dreadful desire for a Global State and government of Bilderbergers. The Algerian attack unfolding is a perfect example of how badly, stupidly and irrationally the powerful but now ever more impotent, triumvirate of greed have proven to be.

In the drive to control the global market place and the peoples necessary to fuel, through their labour and consumerism, the bottomless wells of the greedy,  Bilderberger bankers, political pygmies and the criminal drug barons, ignorance has fouled their own ambitions. You might ask why. 

Well, in the drive for control of the planet's resources, particularly oil, mining and precious metals, The West has trampled over many cultures and their lands. Forged alliances with despots and undemocratic ruling families, all to further one single agenda. Control of the many by a privileged few.

In their ignorance of history, however, these individuals, using the wilfulness of Common Purpose,  have and continue to pursue, an agenda already broken and defeated. Their economic influence and control by any means, lies in tatters, as those with little interest in this plan for domination, are fighting back. Or, one could argue, a second player seeking world dominance, on their terms.

How ironic , as the mess created becomes more exposed. Exposed by those who would fight the concept of a central domination of the human race. A concept which is surfacing above the secret cabals and Governments involved in The West. Now, those of us always dismayed by the likes of The EU despots, can begin to identify with those purportedly our enemy. Terrorists and "The war on terror", are the weasley words used to cajole the public and garner draconian restrictions on those they pretend they are protecting.

That phrase of The British Whitehall class, proffered for use by their political puppets and front men, "Keeping our streets safe", was used to justify so much that is wrong, should haunt these idiots. Or should, as Islamic fundamentalists are winning not only the cause of The Taliban but now securing, welcomed by the populace in many areas, footholds throughout Africa and no doubt, ere long, South east Asia. Note we hear little of China's attitudes in this "war on terror", either.

One of the strongest weapons of the Islamic cause is the creeping occupation of the moral high ground. High ground the alliances of The West  have readily vacated, when it suited their need to cover their tracks and replace their personal potential losses. I suggest that the battle against "terrorists" is one being fought by two separate groups of the same ilk. Both prepared to use terror and threats to control the masses.

To combat these modern, global and terrifying issues needs smaller, not larger, governments and nations. Ones able to protect themselves through total control of their own borders and a significant dedication to solid and effective homeland security. Nations  able to thrive on the back of a dedicated loyalty to their own land and people, before all else. Or as the German national Anthem has it, " Über Alles", "above all else". Interesting that, as to how it gels with a federal EU!

Love them, or hate them, one Nation does this most successfully. Israel. As a group of Islands Britain could achieve such a status. Not isolationist but protectionist. Our own laws, armed forces and a host of purely independent issues to keep us safe and free. Trouble is that costs us a place at the Bilderberger table and Brussels plush dining halls, doesn't it?


  1. The green shoots of Sharia are breaking out at Waltham Forest where embryonic Muzzie terroists are abusing women and Taking cans of beer from people (stealing) during the evening, as for "moral high ground", numerous virgins waiting in paradise if you suicide and blow up enemies of Islam, that's including other Muslims. Moral high ground?, go back to the drawing board.

    1. Mona, my reference to "moral high ground" was meant to be associated with Western territorial and colonial activity versus national claims, regardless of religion. I'm certainly no lover of Islamic claims and rape of my own land.

  2. Muslims now carrying out 'patrols' on the streets of Britain and enforcing Sharia Law....