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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Loathsome BBC.

Not Every Time.

This morning I stumbled across the BBC's coverage of President Assad's speech to the Nation. Very enlightening and not the image or rhetoric our ridiculous Western propagandists portray of his governance or that of the civil war. Naturally, as always and despite the Internet, so much goes on of which we are never privy to. Secrecy for its own sake is the constant road we are forced to travel to an undemocratic, force fed future.

So for once, possibly once only, well done The BBC. The speech was quite something. Calmly, statesmanlike delivered. It was full of quiet anger against the West and its interference on the side of the probably Al Qaeda  backed tribes anti the Assad led Government. More here. 

Now this is a dreadful conflict but Assad calls for a resolution to come from within Syria and an end to the meddling of the West. Why not? Surely that is sensible? Let each nation choose its own friends, or for that matter enemies. Why we can't see from history, recent as that is in Iraq and Afghanistan, our arrogant oar in does little to make these conflicts lessen or gain any deep diplomatic success.

The response from Wee Willy Hague is pathetic and via Twitter, how weak and puerile is that? Add to his juvenile use of communications this,  "We will look carefully if there is anything new in the speech but we maintain our position that Assad has to step aside and allow for a political transition." a spokesman for EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said. " Ashton and The EU, tremble with mirth. The quote from here.

In the speech Assad harangued The West for backing the rebel forces who in turn are clandestinely assisted by Al Qaeda. This merry-go-round of connivance harks back to the Bliar support for Gadaffi, America's backing for Saddam in his war with Iran. Allegiances of constant self interest and little effort to prevent atrocities on either side.

Indeed if we look at the Vietnam war we can observe the pattern of devious and fictitious propaganda meted out to a Nation now united and to all intents and purposes at one. The result of a conflict bullied and napalmed to an embarrassing defeat for the West and America from which it has never, justifiably recovered any moral high ground. 

Are not the same stupid and blinkered actions being repeated? For me the Chinese and Russian stances come across as superior in many ways. Putin has ships in the area and ready to thwart any "special forces" insurgence on any visible scale by the West. Whether "interference" from any other power is right or not, I believe, within reason, Nations should resolve their own internal affairs and conflicts.

The only thing which makes The Middle East the pot boiling region it is is oil. Take that economic liquid gold out of it and I doubt we would care much if the whole of the region was run by Al Qaeda. Indeed if we spent more time on our own internal needs, border controls and an Israeli like approach to defense and security, we might well have "safer" streets.

Still, if we continue on the present course, Afghanistan will soon be allied to a Taliban regime in Pakistan. Iran, heavily backed by Russia and China, will ally with Assad and the West's futile interventions, illegal wars and crass stupidity will be visible to all. It seems our economic incompetence has an erstwhile superior in our failure to achieve real diplomacy and common sense in the World. The decline and fall gathers pace. Wish we were much more like Norway!


  1. Even allowing for the the level of contempt in which I hold all politicians, and the low expectations I had for Hague, I must say he has been spectacularly bad. A real award winning shambolic fuck up in almost all his doings.

  2. Another honest post OR, sadly I fear you are absolutely right.

    Sickening that such inept men fool themselves to believe they are on the side of truth.


  3. I say ole chap, that you know, that we knew, what the Reds were doing, and so did they; when they started doing it.

  4. In paragraph 3 above you quote " our arrogant oar" I know you are 100% wrong on that one, it was that Lying Arrogant WHORE BLIAR who conspired with Bush to invade Iraq it is known that his pupil Cameleon is suppressing the Chilcot Inqury report that found all 27 FO lawyers agreed that the war was ILLEGAL, not to belittle 60,000 dead in Syria, try the million dead in Iraq, the Government has the cheek to arrest a Nepalese Colonel for torture in Nepal while protecting our very own war criminal, the mind boggles.

  5. This just in to my email from Global Research

    .... I will look forward to Mr Hague's reply? Mona's comment above emphasises the illegality of the Iraq war - Jacob Bronowski described organised war as not being a human instinct but a highly planned and co-operative form of theft.

    Today, Global Research also compiles a list of their recent articles related to dirty tricks and death squads involving the US etc. - and listing almost 200 names,crimes and origins of some of those arrested by the current Syrian government which makes interesting reading about who the 'West' appears happy to arm?
    What next - back to the Falklands?

    1. Hi, Clarinda, it really can be so very depressing at times when such morons rule the roost.