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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's The Lying Which Hurts The Most.

As In Many Fractured And Tired relationships.

The underhand nature of Europe made clear. The link is just one example of lying by omission beloved of the bureaucratic way, in order to hide the agenda of ethnic and cultural cleansing across Europe. As in "Yes Minister", obfuscation and smarmy pretend ar*e licking subservience is the weapon of choice. A weapon highlighted by Steve Hilton, this weekend gone. These Whitehall quislings are from the same breed as those who urged Heath to hide the reality behind giving our Nation to those who only a few years earlier and failed, by force, to secure.

Then Labour railed against it, only  to buy into the belief that the Federal State would be founded on the same socialist hypocrisy as was the USSR. So followed an apparent honeymoon period. One that was to last up until our fishing grounds were seen to be given away and plundered. In exchange for what, we may never know. At least we cannot learn from the lies and cover ups which follow, how these disadvantages of membership came or indeed continue to come about.

So to the weak little front man acts as an Aunt Sally for Sir Humphrey's Legions, sourced from across Europe and Brussels. Already he's pushing a Mandarin/Brussels hard worked and expensive set of lies, mixed with half truths. The fading subtlety can be read and seen here, at Richard North's now essential reading for those still desperate for truthful analysis.

Part of the reality of our membership is that The British People and many others, realise we are trapped in a decades long, loveless relationship. One we trusted charlatan seducers to take us into, only to find nothing but an abusive and expensive future awaited. Today we wait for Camoron's lily livered, weak, cowardly pretence of Statesmanship to be trotted forth. No doubt an army of EU bureaucrats will be tuned in across the Continent to marvel at how their counterparts in Whitehall pull the puppet strings and attempt to thicken the veil those same strings will draw over any semblance of truthful stance to represent his electorate.

I urge bloggers to push on with exposing this corrupt, expensive and dangerous scenario, which seeks to  depict the dreadful options. Remain in an unhappy and abusive relationship or choose an untested and fearful escape. As well pointed out, mind you, the very same europhile worshippers claimed our not joining the euro would have similar effects to leaving the terrible marriage.

So when the weak face of Whitehall that is Camoron, spews forth his EU speech, do not be fooled. Any promises made will be way off and never see the light of day. Sadly, only the waking of the sheeples will have any effect. Labour are tasked with administering to their ignorant hordes much of the morphine fixes deemed necessary to keep them subdued. Unholy alliances supporting abusive parents and spouses, you see. It is all very unpleasant.


  1. Another spot-on post, OR, one I might have written myself had I had the ability with words; my sincere thanks, as ever.

    It seems a strange thing to say, or even think, but the sooner I am out of this madness for good, the better I think I will feel; then, as MAA said - or thereabouts, may the world dissolve into flames, for my estate is well.

  2. I remember that wonderful song called SPAM, we now have a not so wonderful song called LIES, Lies for breakfast, lies for lunch, lies for Tea supper morning noon and night just wait till January first every thing will be alright. well for the ROMA that is.