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Monday, 21 January 2013

Is It My Imagination?

Or Are We Less Able These days?

I ask the question partly arising from the state of our world today. Be it politics, banking, commerce or whatever, the all pervading rot of socialism seems to extend its failed implementation. Indeed no more apparent is our decline in standards than the socialist and unionised education profession. Particularly that of The UK and USA.

This adverse, one size fits all because we are all the same and equal from head to toe, as we see in the picture above, has been a successfully furthered dogma of the left. However I've always been concerned about how this might impact on the future manufacturing of high tec equipment, teaching standards and medicine.

Of course we still have great individuals, mainly middle class but not always, who hold standards together in the face of ever increasing, poorer quality, support staffing. The time when practitioners managed from a base of experience, is long gone. The people placed in charge can be witness to the point of this post.

Let me offer these examples of my concern. Aircraft design and manufacture,  there being not just that one military aircraft but also the Dreamliner itself. The second article actually highlights issues, pertinent to my own observations, of a drop in overall standards and a failure to promote more vigorously, excellence in young people. One final example of my argument is the UK's NHS management direction, under the socialist placement agenda of several decades. This but one such instance of many, many more.

I really do and always did believe, that social behaviour, manners and the pursuit of excellence always did belong as an important facet of education and classroom activity and learning. Since, though, breeding will always out perform the differences, the left and socialist dogmatic passion for levelling down could only be successful through force, never persuasion. 

Such force, political correctness and mass migration tactics, to "water down" once great institutions, has been and continues to be successful as far as control and power is concerned. Unfortunately the future that beckons is that anyone deluded enough to regard themselves as special, may become anything they choose. Whether any aptitude, talent or skill is present, will be another matter. 

If the likes of Prescott or Rompuy decide they want a spell as surgeons they'd be on a one week's course and slicing us open in a jiffy. Mind you, if we start to look hard at the political classes, my argument becomes manifest by the reality! For me, I always believed the pursuit of excellence fed down to my kind in all sorts of benefits. I'm not sure that is destined to be for the newborns of today, or even of the last 20 years or so.


  1. 'This is the way the world ends,
    Not with a bang but a whimper.'

    At least we have a superabundance of the political class and their drones for would-be surgeons to practice on!

  2. Spot on, OR, and the system perpetuates itself by rewarding failure and punishing whistle-blowers. Everything is turned on its head and it will take more than withdrawal from the EU to correct it.