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Sunday, 20 January 2013

If You're Under Fifty...........

This Post Will Bore You Into Poverty.

Then and now is an article decrying the paucity of  sense pertaining to our ruling and political classes. A once relatively stable public and private pension wealth was coveted so passionately by the socialist engineering Corps, in the person of Snotty Brown, it has become as big a political football as the NHS and education.

Now one thing in their favour, which these cretinous and cosily financed mandarin "advisers"  exploit, is the "now" versus "then" of the link. Those over 50 years of age are just about able to handle their pension accruals sufficiently, to avoid counting loose change as pictured above.

Nevertheless, inflation, longevity, sickness and dependency can easily wipe out even my generations' years of careful saving and planning. Add the tax burdens accruing and those lucky few who might enjoy a comfortable old age are dwindling rapidly. Mostly confined to the public centre hierarchy and trades union bosses. Both funded by those less fortunate than themselves.

If we now add to the mess of old age provision and barely held off , abject poverty, one element, as so often in all matters pertaining to human existence, numbers are a major issue. When we discuss sustainability of land and nations, we tend to consider only the contexts of food and water. Shelter and succour rarely figure. Indeed we are now at a point in human evolution of significant and unsustainable overcrowding.

Places such as India now sell girls into slavery at will, to supply an endless demand for millions suffering the stupidity of aborting female foetuses. A similar policy, now determined as wrong , in China. With its one child per family draconian population control engineering. In both cases desperate measures to prevent further population growth have clumsily failed.

Despite the paramount relationship with mass overcrowding and poverty of the many, The West and The EU in particular welcome the rapid growth of populations as a promotional ploy to create larger groupings of consumers. Not once have these sh*t for brains idiots stopped to compare the already mentioned relationship wherebye overcrowding breaks down efficiency, overburdens stretched resources and devalues the savings and efforts of those over decades who have "toed the line" of self determination.

Well, quicker than I ever believed possible, the socialists and their pathetic belief in equality and wealth distribution, have achieved only one obvious beneficiary, over decades of their wrecking ball philosophies. Tony Bliar. Plus a few minions such as Mandleson Kiddyfiddler and now, it seems, a certain David Milibad.

As these cretinous beings grow ever richer, those promoting their success and the catch all mantra of socialism, can join the rest of those under forty, for whom the hope that science will help them never to grow old, is the only belief they cling to. Trust me, the speed that Old father Time catches up with you will leave you as breathless as the poverty you are helping to visit on the majority. When once it was the minority. Equality, you see. Plus mass immigration, overcrowding and a rapidly thinning slice of anything left! 


  1. Hi, OR, this is O/T but I just wanted to let you know that those hugs and kisses have been delivered to Bunni in person - I'm so glad I finally got to meet her and Kittehkins - I only wish that the circumstances had been different.

    1. BS, that's magic. Very well done and my heartfelt thanks. I might be calling on you to visit here ere long!

    2. Magic indeed BS. This is what really matters ... Love, indeed, conquers all.