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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I Will Say It.

I Told You So.

The mess writ large here. I have no idea how accurate this Daily Wail report might be.  No doubt it does tell us this. That the very core of the economic woes besetting the global economic gloom, enveloping those least to blame, goes on. I include myself among those least to blame and believe most if not all my visitors can say the same.

Is all the calumny unavoidable? Do our EUSSR and USA leaders have what it takes to get us out of this mess? The answer is no.  Even when a glaring example of the economic model stared them in the face. It is pertinent to pose a question which has already been given virtually minute by minute attention. "Why are we still in such a mess?"

Well, the political pygmies of Europe and Obummer's are so intertwined with banking fraudsters, such as   the LIBOR crooks, quietly shoved into the background, drug cartels. and political grasping chancers it is little wonder the mess remains deeply in place. The answer these morons choose to offer is even more draconian nastiness to be heaped on those least to blame. You and I.

Were common sense to prevail, the banks bailed out would be closed and their ghastly, greedy bosses brought to justice, their assets seized and reparations made to atone for the theft of the world's resources and lives. Arms dealers should also be brought to book. Particularly those in Government procuration. The politicians themselves need to have their snout troughing ways re-examined and those found guilty of fraudulent, greedy behaviour barred from Office. They and those mandarins puling the strings.

Next those banks proven solvent should be broken up. Small, local and expert at an areas needs should be set up with the money recovered from the present laundering charlatans and made mutual societies serving the people and customers' needs. Debt forgiveness world wide needs to be addressed and the benefits passed on in proportional forgiveness of personal and often cajoled debt. 

That via mis sold credit cards, exorbitant interest payments and pressured money lending schemes. This should have been done back in 2008. Not least because we had a so called Socialist Regime. Of course that was only window dressing as Snotty favoured his Scottish roots and Bliar cut and ran with sackfuls of our money. The latter making a brief stop in Libya to collect his lot before Gaddafi was toppled from his perch.

Anyhow, I said it back then and its relevant now. Austerity is purely protection of the wealth and greed of the top but tiny echelon of Bilderbergers and crooked coteries. Their buffer from loss, you and I and their political footsoldiers. We shall never get out of this mess until The EU and the rest are done for. It may never happen in my lifetime and only when it does will it be through violence and bloody revolution. Of course I've said all this before and it's still progressing as fact. I did tell you so, or rather the cloth eared political idiots.

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  1. Some time ago I commented here how I cant forgive the Queen for allowing that nonce Brown to hand over the country to the EUSSR. I think a lot of people though that she could not have stopped it.
    But now its come out that they have a veto of government bills its one thing been betrayed by politicians.