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Sunday, 27 January 2013


The New Black.

Two quite remarkable stories surrounding the mass of Islamic immigrant numbers and the consequences of yet another failed political experiment, arose this past week. Both, in the breathtaking scale of their hypocrisy, highlight the rapid decline of The British social and political rottenness of the Country.

Firstly the horrendous but ignored by the political establishment, amazing behaviour of these people. Many of them sharing the blatant misogynistic and child abuse racism of the second ongoing nightmare, taken from the second  example of what our so called leaders have chosen to import into our midst. As for hypocrisy, note this quote from the first of the links,  “one gang member is seen telling a young woman who is wearing a short skirt, "you cannot dress like that in a Muslim area, this is a Muslim area."

Not hard to discern both the racist and moral hypocrisy, in my view, is it? However the political classes are still the outright leader in the application of the new black that is hypocrisy. One seared throughout our society and worn as a badge of honour of those from the Left of the debate that is adversarial politics. A prime example of the left and of Labour's award winning hypocrisy, is good old Andy Burnham.

This little short of brains other than those linked to his bowel movements, features large in today's reports with regard to The NHS and in particular,  Mid-Staffordshire. Now, though publicly named as an incompetent waste of space and so inept as to put Labour placement of supportive lefties before clinical expertise, our Andy Toilet Brains is not vilified. Oh no. What's his draconian punishment? Shadow Health Secretary and MP. Still living the high life at public expense and poncing around, with the odd jig on the graves of erstwhile supporters who he readily consigned to miserable neglect and death.

It's the same with the inner city ghettoes and Sharia strongholds created by Labour. Still the most affected and hurt, white citizens, of the Labour Government's mass immigration policies and economic sleights of hand, vote blindly to support them. The grasping of Milibad Senior, the ghastliness of Mandy Kiddyfiddler and the outrageous fortune amassed by Bliar and his witch of a slot gob wife, all make little inroad into the lobotomised lower socio-economic orders thick heads. No wonder Labour love Comprehensive mis-education so much.

It seems that as long as your causes meet with the approval of The BBC, hypocrisy becomes an honourable stance, regardless of the damage. As our "Jimmy" can attest. Until that meme can be turned back on itself,  I see little hope for a decent future.


  1. Get your priorities right O R looking at Kim Kardashian's tits or worrying about the country being overrun with Excrement Mundi, you know the answer.

  2. Those scumbags have RUINED England, they should all be sent to an island in the middle of the ocean and nuked. I can't stand the murderous shitheads.....they are on the verge of doing the same thing here, thanks to their new bff in the wh, b Hussein o, YUCK I wish they'd all F OFF!