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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hush, Keep It Quiet.

How Common Purpose And The EU Handle Unpalatable Realities.

Here's some real science. Not that the buffoons ruining our countryside and lives will bother paying attention. Not at all.  If the economic nightmare that is The EU federalists ' sum total of achievement is anything to go by. If their favoured blackmail weapon to screw us into their corrupt favoured "green energy" pals' lair is anything to go by.

The real truth of our existence is based deeply in human nature. Such truths are often the bane of those who would rule over and bully others. If the sum total of factual evidence is contrary to the EU and corporate scam artists, then just hush it all up. Just as my amphibian friend pointed out earlier today, don't say anything which we know might get awkward for us and our plans for dominance and undemocratic despotism. Uncle Ted Heath more than happy to keep certain matters quiet, found that an easy mandate for his treachery.

As The Middle East continues its struggle for democracy our lot in Europe are busy going in the opposite direction. One of their big guns was AGW, which quietly morphed into climate change and which is now lauded as "extreme weather", as though it never existed before. The blatant, self-serving hypocrisy and the artful long game of blowing hot and cold on any subject, as required, is almost admirable. 

Trouble is millions of lives are being sacrificed to these ghastly individuals. Long overdue for some worm turning. One way to turn is to hammer the manufactured "science" of self interest. One already shown in the last two years or so, to be utter rubbish. You can measure by how much they know it's rubbish by the more quietly delivered, subliminal messages, fed us hourly. Only when they consider an "extreme" event to seemingly have legs, do they shout a bit more. 

Fortunately, the awareness of the brain washing is growing along with the desire to call them out. A regular visit to  Icecap should be a must for every person on the Plane,t who desires some decent science backed up with proper research. A desire coupled with an anger at the manner of propaganda our taxes and energy prices are forced to fund. Have a great 2013! Make it one free of the angst "they" so love to dump on us without any reason but their own self  aggrandisement.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

What if it just is not so advanced, as to not be seen by the technology you are using?

Barnacle Bill said...

Happy New Year OR.
Spot on with your observation that the sheeple are being to wake up to the con tricks played upon them to keep them as serfs.
I find -
To be one of the better anti GW sites.
Keep up the good work in 2013.

The Boiling Frog said...

Happy New Year Old Rightie and ta muchly for the link.

Viscount Rectum said...

Its Common Purpose, concentrate on them, they are the secret commissars that are infiltrating every department of State, local councils, Police, it is operating under the guise as a charity but are far from being one. Global warming, climate change, mere tools for subversion and deception, carbon trading a money making scam for, guess who?

Oldrightie said...

Oh, Mr Mc, I'm sad to think you are probably right. My "technology" is a God given gut instinct that "they" have the upper hand. For now. Revolution always matches evolution in human affairs, n'est ce pas?

Oldrightie said...

Watty is a source of excellent reference and comment, BB. Have a great year, too.

Oldrightie said...

My privilege, Froggy!

Oldrightie said...

VR, I'm sure the CP bunch have cosy away days with all the "top" echelon reps, from the main parties, as very close buddies. Close enough to help each other hide their less savoury members.