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Friday, 4 January 2013

General Elections And Christmas.

The Sales Pitches Get Ever Earlier.

Many kind individuals who help keep this blog alive will be well aware of my total despair and disappointment over Camoron's less than adequate credentials. As for the LibDums and cloying Cleggy there just isn't the time to waste on wasted space.

Nevertheless we are lumbered with the aforementioned but least awful choice, for the time being. The stupidity of the Boy Notsdowonderful, however, is epitomised in his giving up of the option to outflank the opposition by having a choice when to call an election. One of those "It seemed a good idea at the time" moments of many he'll regret, in his soon to be written "Number Ten memoirs Of A Redhead". The similarities between Sam and Camoron's recent public appearances and Di and Charles deteriorating relationship, is getting ever more apparent.

I digress. Christmas sales will begin their tortured, laboured kick off in barely nine months time, circa mid September. Each year creeping slowly towards a time when we will have "Buy now for Christmas" ads, 24/7.  So with this morning's blatant grab at a popular part of the Cobbleition's policy struggle to reform the benefit culture of our lower orders and in child allowance circles, middle class, State dependency addicted,"something for nothing" electorate. 

One swollen beyond measure, by Labour's present leadership, in the shape of Testes and Wallace, in the form of millions of poverty stricken immigrants, granted immediate seats at a very creaking table of tolerant generosity. Every morsel served swelling the unsustainable debt repayment liabilities.  A reminder of the real baddies behind the mess.  Only people not in the picture but well in the frame, are Testes and Wallace.

So today's Testes Swollen gob pronouncement is quite some chutzpah and a timely reminder how early they need to grasp at campaign straws. The glaring opportunism  also features Liam "No money left" Byrne. A more smarmy piece of incompetence as to be found even in politics. Also note the figure or numbers to be "helped". 129,400. They imported that many unemployable immigrants in a matter of months. Joining up the dots is quite beyond these intellectual pygmies, is it not?

Naturally the rash of polls showing huge support for curbing the benefit culture, which pitches struggling people getting up at the crack of dawn to earn, not beg, a crust, coming home to see the "zombies" staggering out of their lunchtime extended pub visits, is behind this gross bit of early electioneering. 

No matter how early they start their posturing and moral high ground pretence, shrugging off 13 years of atrocious and illegal administration, wars and economic Armageddon policies, coupled with their swamping of already overwhelmed public services, we can but hope even the clowns we have won't miss the open goals available in 2015. 

I'm not holding my breath, although, if this decade long recession is lifting by then, who knows. In 1997 we handed over to the incompetents our, not the political morons, hard won growing prosperity, only to see it squandered on bought elections and ill gotten war chests. If history runs to form, the already very early  propaganda war will result in handing over the asylum to the least able and most insane, yet again. Just as the ad men have ruined any semblance of a Christian Christmas, with their ever longer run ups, so we witness the political clowns off on the same tack. Oh for something better.


  1. As is so often the case, OR, I have no real comment to make; perhaps an AMEN would be suitable?

    A Happy New Year to you and Mrs OR.

    Best as ever,


  2. Thank you kind Sir. You haven't left your kindness and generosity in 2012!