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Friday, 25 January 2013


An EU (German) Obsession Since 1914. Or Even Earlier.

Goodnight Vienna pointed me in this direction. Then I mused how grasping this EU is. they purge our fishing stocks for their own greed and favoured sons, bully our farmers into unproductive set aside uncompetitive practices and are desperate to fiddle our City of London market away.

Now the link shows us the ever more apparent ugly side of these unelected despots. They demand a single market for energy. A sort of "What's yours is ours and what's our will never be yours" approach. Naturally this all comes back to a closed EU shop and one required to cream off the kind of deals Kiddyfiddler Pederast Mandy so enjoyed.  Just one of many such dubious and shady deals which give understanding to the  never ending scandals.

Now this "single market" conveniently chooses to ignore some deeper and less attractive motivation. One nicely exposed in this discussion. If we add to the equation the reliance of Brussels on The Russian Bear to keep it warm, in a loving embrace of gas provision at very high prices and zero security of supply, we begin to observe, as ever, the scale of The EU incompetence and stupidity.

Those latter two characteristics and the tendency to laugh at them is marred by the very real dangers they create. Make no bones about it, Brussels and very much Berlin, covet British oil and loathe our still relative freedom from the draconian shackles of a single currency. Despite inroads of a gargantuan nature into the freedom of individuals throughout Europe, this lot have the same mindset of the 20th century drive for power and control.

When the threats were physical and obvious in the trenches of The Somme and the Blitzkrieg blazing streets of London getting people to realise the threat to their very lives and society was easy. Now it's a massive subterfuge, cloaked in abominable, underhand implementation such as the system of fines levied for non-compliance, few see the ever present danger. Where such dangers are visible, the State Government gets the blame, not the real villains in Brussels and Berlin. 

Few Brits realise their heating and energy , soaring costs are all at the door of those who would steal from the mouths of babes. This Frankenstein of a bureaucracy revels in its self-righteous nastiness and plays the smooth seducer to a remarkable degree, all the time with their eyes peering over the shoulders of their willingly seduced victims, staring at the riches piled in the dowry boxes behind. 

As is so often the case, the would be seduced have their eyes tightly shut in the passion of the moment. A rude awakening will be not far off. Ask the raped and abused maidens of Greece! Such a brief moment of ecstasy and now penury and misery. Worst of all it was their own parents in the form of their political establishment who handed them over. Sounds familiar, does it not?