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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Choosing Which Old Tricks....

Duping Experts.

Modern politics is all about subterfuge and brainwashing. Nothing is ever as it seems and no more so than the efforts to raid the magic boxes of tricks stored in the EU lockers. Camoron's EU pose is no more than that. A carefully crafted sleight of hand in collusion with the UK's EU front line storm troopers in Whitehall.

Just as with the Heath treacherous deceit, so today. Not least some of the light, though still deadly, artillery's constant shelling of our perceptions from such quarters as these.  Probably a man destined for a peerage in his own right. What is so savage in all this is that we, the people, cajoled, deceived and in some cases directly hurt by the secretive and unpleasant power mongers, also have to watch our own money used to buy the weaponry used against us.

I doubt we will have Google blog-spot platforms for much longer, either. The writing is for sure being writ large.  Indeed social networking will likely be gobbled up for use only by the Orwellian mind police or their corporate friends' sales forces. Naturally were the measures being and to be employed, to trick The UK into a yes vote, if ever a genuine referendum ever comes about, actually got a "no" result, guess what? The final huge howitzer gets employed. A second ballot. One designed to strike total fear into those brave enough to have said no.

Why are those such as myself so afraid? Because this totalitarian monster is being created to control everything held dear in the human psyche. It is the goal of all tyrants and despots. Whilst railing against Assad or his ilk, the Common Purpose, loathsome figureheads dislike such personally manifested targets for revulsion and hatred but have the desire for the status of shadowy dictatorship in the same image. In personal despots lie cause for rebellion and overthrow of tyranny. No, The EU Commission loves its anonymity. Ask 30 million Brits to name one EU Commissioner, bar, maybe, Mrs Ugly, Special Basket Case Envoy for Foreign Affairs, not one name will be known. 

That's all part of their box of magic tricks. A box of deception, evil and manipulation. All designed to dupe the gullible and the least intelligent. The overriding ambition to rule the world. It will fail but at what terrible cost.

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  1. I say no matter what subterfuge these arsholes employ, nothing but nothing will disguise Romanian and Bulgarians queuing at the Civic Centres to put their names on the housing lists then to the Benefits Office, Fear of them is greater then any other immigrant group, it is that fear that will drive us out of the EU.