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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bloggers Gain Traction.

Particularly With The EUSSR and Climate Change Crooks.

Several posts these past few hours , from Richard's blog, epitomise my thoughts and this post today. Not only Richard but a legion of bloggers from around the world are being proven spot on with their observations of  an either accidental or promoted conspiracy of Common Purpose. " coupled with  the EUSSR Federal ambition and climate change cods-wallop.

Two other bloggers deserve a mention, Sue, in Spain Goodnight Vienna here in Blighty. There are many more. People easily able to shine spotlights on the glaring stupidity of the path down which Common Purpose bureaucracy and lying, cheating subterfuge is taking the human race.

In today's Sunday Times Steve Hilton tells us that which I have always believed. That the pathetic politicians hubristic love of power for its own sake is massaged publicly by the Whitehall Mandarins  whilst they jockey to suck up to Brussels in search of lucrative EU table seats in the years to come, as politicians and democracy continue to be sidelined.

This same environment spawns "policy" and greed for power behind the scenes, as described by Delingpole, as the rich receive subsidies for pathetic wind power generators, the poor suffer high energy costs and taxes to pay for the ridiculous notion of "green" energy. All of the time all the political parties huff and puff, demand ever greater salaries and rob us blind but from the second tier of any real power held by Brussels. The bluster with which the Met Office respond and which is touted by the Left so vociferously ,points us as to where the truth is closest, methinks.

The clamour from Obama's henchmen to tie us to Europe, the German scaremongering, Heseltine, Pederast Mandy and dubious credentials Clark, are all creeping out of their worm holes to join in the attacks on the common sense of The British in general. Be it "climate change" and the Met Office, lying by omission, computer models or EU dictatorship, these people all have vested interests. As does Branson in an EU Federal State with which to do "business".

Such is the growing realisation, globally, of a "common purpose" obsession for power in the hands of a triumvirate of corporate, political and criminal groups, tied with a nodding glance at the totalitarian models of Stalin and his ilk, resistance is not easy.

Nevertheless, whilst the Internet remains available,  it's capable of powerful resistance to those forces pushing viciously for their own cosy Utopia. One expected to be denied most of us. I truly believe blogging has helped bring The EU and climate change deviousness and downright lying propaganda, into peoples' conscientiousness. It is giving those who would rule over us, as Senior Public figures or shadowy, EU like, quiet subversives and traitors, less capability to expedite their plans for total control. Long may it last and well done to those taking notice and taking part.

I struggle to give many media hacks any credibility, of course. Their cosy belief they are feted at the top tables is enough to keep them in line with CO, sadly.

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