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Monday, 14 January 2013

As For Yesterday.

Good Stuff If Realised.

Hypocrisy and what else? Wallace Milibad is no doubt struggling with his Union paymasters, who are every bit  as pro pan EU power for the Unions as the rest of the vested interests are in destroying freedom for the masses to serve their own greedy ambitions. However, there is a gathering disillusionment, with all things EU related, that cannot recover without billions of euros, pounds and dollars being magicked from nowhere.

I always believed the desire to form this fourth Reich, under the guise of an EU federalism, had gained a suspicious momentum, since 2007. Now it would seem they knew, as Tiny Tot, or given his other name, Baldy Liam Byrne, said in 2010, there's no money left. 

Still, the forces of international socialism happily join forces with the wealthy  when screwing the rest of us is on the agenda. All that bloody common purpose again. Mind you, if any leader grasps the nettle so desired of them by the Brits and others in Europe, such as The Dutch, their reward might just become decades long. Trouble is none of them have cojones, other than by name!


  1. Don't mention that Bilderberger, although which one between him and his Lady-Boy wife that has the cojones is debatable!

  2. Fear is what we need, lots of it, panic attacks, nightmares, great big real ones, if you don't want burglars lock and bolt your doors or in our case lock and barricade our borders, the eastern invasion is being prepared Jan 1 2014, the ultimate nightmare scenario.