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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Always Take The Undemocratic Option.

Such Is The Western World.

All this is part of the Global Common Purpose. Love him or hate him, Assange provokes these undemocratic and unpleasant power mongers by not revealing their secrets so much, as showing how the lies and undemocratic ways fail us all by their use of easy and draconian options.

Add to the mix ,of a One World Government planning agenda, the mass migration and disenfranchisement of many millions of people, stateless in origin and philosophy, lost and bewildered and presto, you have a compliant mass of humanity to exploit. As with The Nazis, suddenly there is no shortage of volunteers to murder and slaughter innocents, as this one rare survivor teaches us.

I do find it uncanny how we in The West are so easily being led in a manner similar to that of Germany in the 1930s. As of then, so now. We all know how that ended and how unsafe our streets became. In today's scenario, instead of overhead blitzkrieg, we have constant welcome mats at every port throughout the land.

Places of entry where those of us born here face lengthy and unsatisfactory delays whilst the ever larger, seething masses of immigrants are given their social security numbers and cards, together with directions to the nearest Islamic recruiting centres to sign up to an army of destruction. One we are paying for ourselves. How clever is this? Not clever at all, just the easy way of taking over a Nation.

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