Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Of The Positive. Dedicated To "Bunni".

It is so easy to follow political rubbish, grave warnings of melt down and having to cope and live with the sheer, utter incompetence of career public servants and politicians, that the sense of overwhelming misery and depression, with some justification, holds sway. So today I'm "Accentuating The Positive."

Family and friends. Virtually always a source of warm companionship and sense of well being. Dining together, visiting beautiful gardens or just going down the pub. Marvellous to share disappointments and pleasures, whinge collectively and therapeutically and know one is not alone is seeing good as well as bad in life.

Nature and the glorious, ever changing planet. Its diverse lands, temperatures and breathtaking beauties. The combination of those natural scenes and the awesomeness of the stars and night sky. The reality of man's puny, albeit in some cases unaware, frail and pathetic insignificance. One bathed only in hubris and arrogance of those not sensitive to reality.

The small pleasures to be gained from communing with nature through gardening and historical buildings one might  live in if only as caretakers. To enjoy the past and help preserve that pleasure for future generations to enjoy. To understand we are only passing through quickly but our short lives can, if we choose, gain much from the passage through.

Then there is the choice of faith in it all. Preferably a deep seated belief that we all are more than the sum of our parts. Faith in ourselves and in the understanding we can do good by others and benefit from unselfishness. Even if the rubbish that inhabits those who believe they know better and should be leaders try every trick in the book to deprive us of the freedom we always have in our minds.

Then there is the joy to be had in recognising how different we all are. Not battery hens, as the socialist dogma would have us believe but living, breathing, free spirits. Just look at the music and poetry of Negro slaves. Chained in body, often mistreated and murdered but that spirit lives on, today, in all of us. We do carry a torch and we can light up our own lives. 

It doesn't have to be as world leaders or even local councillors or any other political arrogance. The meek really can inherit the earth. They may not wish or choose to but it's always an option even if in very small ways and unsung. Helping  neighbours, thinking well of people first and caring about how the weak and vulnerable, young and old are thought of. Be deserving of respect not demanding of it. Isn't as tough as it sounds if we stay free within ourselves.

Normal service will be resumed next week! Meanwhile....................


  1. With you absolutely on this one, OR. I've always maintained that there is far more good in this world than bad and it's up to us to see it and discover the joy that awaits.

    I watched my six year old granddaughter at play yesterday, concentrating on some matter of great intractability. She looked up suddenly and caught my eye .. and the smile that lit up her face was as beautiful as it was infectious. I think of things like this often when I witness the inane cavorting of the perfumed monkeys in Westsphincter and a degree of equilibrium is thus maintained ;-)