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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Paddick Mincing Like A  Old Mining Machine.

I don't often watch The DP programme these days but today was an exception. The growing scandal over Andrew Mitchell's "Downing-gate" was worth following. Our Brian was classic. The stance of super human, whiter than white police officers was ground out with a quite grotesque attitude. A sense of "Who? Us? No chance.", was quite magical in its utter lack off reality and after decades of evidence.

Furthermore, juniors in any organisation tend to follow their superiors lead. So the speed with which senior officers embraced the politicisation by Labour, as did the teaching profession and NHS Chief Executives, was very hard for Paddick to defend. Especially when so drastically caught out. As for Oldrightie, I must humbly beg forgiveness for believing he, Andrew Mitchell, did make those purportedly arrogant remarks. How foolish of me to trust police officers, many in cahoots with The Labour Party.

Nevertheless, when this item was followed by the need to pay MPs salaries most can only ever dream about, appalling. When they show themselves worthy of their present largesse, then we might consider a small increase. Heaven forbid the amounts of salary discussed. Most of them have jobs and income derived from their privileged positions as MPs. It should not be a career but a vocation staffed by those looking to return some of their good fortune and success in other activities.

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  1. AM is a bit of a bossy boots. Some PC's can be bossy boots as well. When two of this kind meet it rarely ends happily. Call in the counsellors to train them in the virtues of humility.