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Friday, 28 December 2012

The Wonder Of EU.

How Rompuy Has The Gall To lecture We Brits.

He ponces about  with only a violin missing. Deluded, comical and so very very wrong. His ill timed Christmas message to we Brits was basically shut up and put up. Even as the little, hateful gnome spoke he knew the Greek debt money pit was still a big black hole. One more likely to swallow this farcical Union than the streetwise common sense of the people of Europe and in particular, The UK.

I find little pleasure in edging towards the end of 2012 with successive posts on this cretinous, odious, unelected bureaucrat. He believes himself all powerful but he is more and more the number one figure of fun and hatred than any other of the clowns he associates with. Better off out? You betcha!

Also interesting is that as Italy wrestles to stave of becoming a Greek alphabet letter, Berlusconi dismisses a reported £30 million quid a year to his ex. The guy is worth more than Italy's banks put together. How come? What shady deals with his former EU mates did he enjoy? Quite farcical when crooks fall out, though!

In a similar vein rants the good Cap'n Ranty!


  1. Don't forget our own homegrown crooks, Blair & Broon, what shady deals did they get up to?
    One in a tent in the desert.
    The other making sure his banking chums north of the border would be bailed out by us mugs.

    A plague on both their houses!

    1. Hi, BB and one if not both of them still hanker after Rompuy's job.

    2. Bliar and bogie muncher are not crooks to call them such would be praise,, they are treasonous vermin who should be literally hung drawn and quartered and Bliar signed the open door for 1400'Poles that turned into 1.5 million and 25 million Romanians and Bulgarians and the countless Moldavians etc buying Romanian passports all ready for the 2014 Battle for Britain.