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Friday, 7 December 2012

That Makes A Change.

A Welcome One For Once.

With very little fanfare  from the army of PC/BBC lefties and multi-cultural apologists, a small victory for the ethnic Anglo Saxons takes place. I guess the rampaging hordes of Saladin will lay even more to waste the grimy back streets of London ghettoes. Much wailing will take place and the terrifying sight of white visages invoked as the devil incarnate.

Meanwhile the detractors of Christianity will beaver more fervently away. The medal of perceived gallantry for atheism will be sought by all and sundry who decry, with a sense of self important arrogance, "There is no God". Naturally such declarations will not be even made in hushed whispers, within earshot of Muslim believers, who share the same belief as Abraham! By the same tokenism, the rather brutal attitude to buggery will not find verbal expression in the same quarters that the existence of a Deity is not to be challenged!

Am I alone in thinking something has gone terribly wrong with freedom of expression? I would have thought that was a human right? Then, of course, the hypocrisy of the left allows legions of correct thinking troops to shout and scream to the skies, regardless of any proper efficacy to their less than siren voices! Not least good old "Uncle" BBC. An organisation so far up its own derrière as to see tonsils. Not just metaphorically, either!


  1. God-fearing Christians 1 - bearded savages 0.

    As you say, OR, it makes a welcome change; however, I'm sure it will be easy for them to try again and the appeasers will cave in as they always do.

    It's still nice to have as a Christmas present, though.


  2. Oue local Mosque used to be a four story Victorian terraced house. They rebuilt it in Mosque style but the planners made them choose between a large Mosque or a tall minaret (so as not to go above the neighbouring skyline).
    They chose a tall minaret with a small Mosque but now they are complaining that it is not big enough.

  3. All this expansion is funded by the Saudi Arabia a country who will not even allow a bible into their country. But do your hear any politician complain about that yet they are allowed to fund these building in western countries.

    1. Many of our politicians are in the Saudi pockets.

  4. But isn't this nothing new? England has been like that for around twenty years from what i gathered. It took the World War 2 generation to retire, or die--in order for the baby boomers and their generation x cohorts to implement authoritarian measures against you. Socialism has been instituted, the judgement against W.A.S.P.'s has passed--not over 'us'.

  5. Islam has a mission just as Christianity had missionaries that ruined the lives of millions with its claptrap about punishment for any thing that was not obedience to their strain of thinking, Humanity has a inbuilt bloodlust, a sadistic liking for causing pain from the mini-sadists that infect Australian radio to the really horrific bloodletting in Arab lands right now , maybe visiting us in the near future.