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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Soon Foreign Troops Will Quell UK Protests.

So Many Of Us Have Warned For Years.

The EU carries on and you just have to marvel at their incredible manner in implementing whatever they like. Bankruptcy is swatted away with a superior flick of the wrist. Dissent ignored. Corruption, collusion and criminality perfectly accepted, if of benefit to common purpose and the goal of a global State. In everything they play a very long game.

Whilst spinning it all out, the head honchos quietly plot behind there substantial and luxurious scenes. The irritants such as Camoron, Milibad and Clegg are quietly nurtured and persuaded that their temporary time at state level is not worth a democratic candle. If they happily, albeit secretly, toe the many lines demanded by this monster of a creation that is The EU, all they desire for themselves will fall into their laps as lickspittles always hope.

So, as predicted on this blog and many others, the pretence that the running down of our armed forces is an economic decision, is pushed down our throats by the compliant media. Meanwhile the real agenda carries on. That script is to water down anything which might prove to be of a Nationalistic flavour or even dangerous to The EU cabal.

It's not desirable to have large numbers of troops  or police forces on the ground, when subjugation by force is deemed necessary. So, as in Greece, soon, in five maybe ten years time, enforcement will be always from forces happy to earn their corn beating and suppressing peoples they will see as not their kith and kin. Many of the once proud nations of Europe will be every bit as occupied as in the Nazi era.

So much for why we fought two world wars, just to roll over and surrender to a crowd of spivs happily in league with all and sundry. Not only The EU but the likes of the UN. A model for the EU structure and even sharing the same colours. Sadly their true motives should have been swastika based and on a red background, to represent the blood shed in the past and to be lost in the future suppression of freedom and democracy.


  1. I tell as many people as possible Cameron is a foreign AGENT, deception is his Modus Operandi, he is a traitor,, the Gay marriage shit was just a ploy like Leverson, talk about anything but the destination.

    1. You tell no more than how it is, VR and a good man for it.

  2. Another lucid, if frightening post from one who can see properly. Thank you for your insight into the real story instead of the superficially attractive but entirely irrelevant sideshows we are bombarded with, from Royal babies to Strictly.

  3. Hi O R, talking of foreign troops on Brit soil, just been watching Hardons blog, very interesting, he claims that Cressida Dick of 7/7 fame, is really Annie Casper and Medina Benjamin an American, and Julian Assange is really Julian Sands, an actor that's the Aussie Gov is not interested. can you check it out ?

  4. I've often felt we have a lot to learn from the French CRS, perhaps they will be here for the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire to deal with any little local problems.