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Monday, 31 December 2012

Nothing New About This New Year.

Same Old, Same Old.

I've never liked the New Year much. Time passes quickly enough as it is. Furthermore my generation has watched the disintegration of our once proud Country accelerate under the incompetence of our erstwhile "leaders" and their equally pathetic civil servant Mandarins. So I wish us all well except the likes of those pictured. 

A pair of same old, same old, modern purveyors of hopelessness and utter inability to rein in the excesses of their pals in big business and/or The Union Barons and the corporate rape of the entire planet. Moreover the crook who preceded them, one down from the lunatic, Brown, goes scot free and filthy rich after the worst, most crooked regimes this UK has ever known.

Whatever 2013 brings us as individuals we can be certain it will be coveted and lusted after by these chinless  warriors of Common Purpose. Of course we might get lucky and The EU self destruct, finally. I'm not hopeful but still wish that, for the populations of Europe as a whole, common sense rears up and drives in the final nails.

See you all next year!


  1. Viscount St Albans31 December 2012 at 18:40

    Stop worrying, the sword of Damocoles is hanging over Cameroid and Miriam, as for rubber lips the Manchurian Grommit we can amuse ourselves thinking of suitable Noms. 13 is the year of fear, but we shall find ourselves.

  2. Well, I was going to try and cast the runes for 2013 but the chicken's run off and I can't find a virgin hereabouts for love nor money ... so I'm as much in the dark as ever (nothing unusual there) as to how the year will unfold.

    The Day of the Grey Man may indeed be at hand and sadly there may be bugger all we can do to slow his ascendency, but what we can do is make his life a bloody misery. So that is my resolution for the New Year - to cause Bureaucracy as much buggeration and strife as I am still able to :-)

    And on that happy note, OR, please accept my hearty good wishes for the New Year :-)

    1. How does the song go,"Always look on the bright side of life"
      that's for me. best wishes to the good guys.

  3. STOP talking shite and get oot there and WEED THE GARDEN
    fur the NEW YEAR.

    1. Ken what ye mean Jock hav naer Garden to weed. and a shite New Year to you. one can only write shite on a blog

    2. We would if it stopped raining, HC.

  4. A Guid New Year to you and yours OR. It was another lovely day here - no rain. :)