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Saturday, 1 December 2012

More People Means More Houses.

What A Remarkable Surprise!

The Mail's headline story this morning goes with Bollocks Boles flash of light on why we need to destroy our Island and its countryside. We need to build hundreds of thousands of houses to accommodate the political disgrace of gerrymandering of the population, through mass immigration. 

The plan was always to engineer a population prepared to regard minimal living standards as so superior from the hell holes they were brought from, their eternal gratitude would be malleable to a given political cause. That cause was to minimise the anger of a war torn society questioning the reasons for war and deprivation and upset at the futility of so many lives and families ruined.

If only that anger had been allowed to flourish and the crooks and charlatans brought to book, in the same way the Nazi crowd were. We needed to have questioned then how, despite the complete devastation of Europe, those rich before the war were now richer, post the terrible conflict. 

Those similarities, as we morph slowly into a third world dumping ground for the deprived of the planet, are obvious today. The only difference is the enemy of social engineering, via mass importation of inadequately equipped masses, is creating issues as bad as any brought about by war. Again the rich continue their ever growing wealth and adjunct power. Free to protect their Cotswold havens, whilst planning the profits, financially and politically, to be had imposing  new ghettoes towns, where presently there are none and ensuring these dreadful  plans remain far from their own mansions.

Throughout all of this ghastly endeavour, all three main parties collude and show the same faces of career troughers. These moronic destroyers of nations and cultures relish the unholy bed hopping available within the EU edifice of bureaucratic nastiness. 

Yet in a way these gross intellects are to be admired. Their dumbing down and watering down of national identities, with the UK as its blueprint, can be measured by the slavish adherence to Labour seen once more, last week. Those voters cast their ballot, albeit only a few per cent eligible to bother, did, for a Party more guilty in the destruction of our once proud and successful way of life than even the other two "clubs" for faceless boy wonders.. Not even the adoption debacle and decimation of children's lives made a difference. 

Still, one day this descent into ever deeper despair will implode. It always does. I so hope I live long enough to witness a change and the EU bloated corruption balloon pricked. Just mind, when it does, the exploding contents of BBC like filth. That latter stain on our society gets ever more obvious, does it not?


  1. That latter stain on our society gets ever more obvious, does it not?

    Indeed it does, OR, and thank you once again for a fascinating and insightful post; to be honest, one of the few things I find of any comfort at all these days is that I won't be around for much longer - wonderful, eh?

  2. Hi, Opsimath,what time scale are you considering?

  3. Beeb spouting off about the 'reduction' in net migration to only a couple of hundred thousand (Mr Powel used to worry about mere 10s of thousands) when all it is are students redesignating themselves as visitors but bona fide students are not the problem anyway.

    More immigrants = more housing

    More housing = more flooding


    More immigration = more flooding.