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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's All So Tribal.

Look At Northern Ireland.

Or anywhere else in the world. Africa, The Middle East, South America.  That sense of belonging, often bound together with religious strings or despotic tyranny, is such a powerful part of human existence. Not even the same DNA can prevent strife among humans. Sibling rivalries, parental ineptitude, so many flaws.

We've come a long way since Adam bit into that apple. Just look at the latest flare up in Northern Ireland. A "peace" process cobbled together by courting and appeasing, not the people of the Republican movement but the gangsters who had seized control. Seized through gangsterism and the associated brutality of such unpleasant characters, mirrored by Martin McGuinness. 

I watched Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" last evening, nursing LemSip and feeling miserable for myself. I was struck by how this, alongside tons of film and literature, right back to Will's epic tomes, show us how pathetic we are at managing our lives and dismally inept at producing leaders of any intelligence.

The latest flare up over the Irish Sea is a perfect example. Why was the flying of a tribal emblem so foolishly handled? All it did was stoke the very embers of a still glowing resentment for the issues of integration, imposed over centuries. No matter where these animosities come from, their influence dominates our very existence.

I can only think of one way all these differences ever can be minimised and that is by dictatorial decree. If lucky it can be benign but more likely it requires bloodshed and violence to establish. North Vietnam a good example. So was Saddam's Iraq. Isn't that so demoralising to contemplate?

Even more ghastly is the manner in which Common Purpose also believes democracy is impossible and seek global government as the solution. I totally disagree. Here's why.

The human spirit only functions well when free. To have such freedom needs like minded and decent people to live together in consideration of each other first and self a distant second. This happens in small communities and families happy in their place and their status. That latter is a bug bear. There can be little doubt that a secure upbringing, in a loving and successful home breeds success better than otherwise.

With a multi-culturally founded giant such as The USA, the subconscious philosophy has been the strive to establish a global order and  was inevitable in   seeking to rekindle the sense of belonging, deep in the DNA of displaced, for whatever reason, millions of people's roots. Be they African or Irish!

In conclusion, I believe it fair to argue that much of the world's ills are driven by the enormous growth in human populations and the inevitable drive towards containing it in order to create a powerful elite. An elite virtually, as Orwell taught us, faceless and untouchable. However such a monolithic State can never work.

Small, tightly knit communities are the answer. Global interference and meddling is documented for the unmitigated failure it always is and was. The culling of untold millions along the way. Perhaps that will happen again. A natural phenomena or more likely nuclear holocaust. Then the flying of pretty emblems will look rather a paltry excuse for violence.


  1. I am considering a visit to The Hundred House at Great Witley to call together the men of the Hundred of Doddingtree from whom a Shield Wall will be found and levies to defend our rights.

  2. Spitting distance from OR's, as you know, Demetrius.

  3. In the short term the Prods of Belfast have only themselves to blame by allowing the Republicans a majority in Belfasts city governemnt. In the long term they need to procreate more.

    1. The Republicans have been using this ploy for years - following scriptures, of course ..