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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Islam And Freedom Of Speech Or Action.

No Brainer, Really.

 Once these horrific actions were of little consequence to our own Country. Social and religious teaching was, on the whole a pretty good use of the tenets of a Christian way f life. Tolerance, adherence to the law and putting others before self. 

Even as Church attendances began to fall when Socialism in the 1960s sought to drag the culture away from the conservative nature of Christianity and towards the dreadful stupidity of "sameness", preached but not practised, by the pushers of a flawed idealism, people's instincts still recognised the common sense enshrined in Christian teaching. If you question the flaws of quasi socialists, just check out the Lords, packed full of mealy mouthed placements, more than quick to jump the proletariat ship at the first opportunity. The ghastly hypocrisy of the wife cheating Prescott and the useless, corrupt Kinnocks but two examples of the genre.

These very people and their successive excuses for Government laid waste to what was once a society where religious tolerance was readily accepted though the dominant faith of Christianity held sway.As did the preparedness to seek to hold Government to the ways which had held the United Kingdom together through two world wars.

Now, of course, the horrific mob violence from Pakistan is bubbling away in our own towns and cities. Millions of somewhat unwelcome influences now preach sedition and intolerance, misogyny and Sharia law with impunity. That canker on our lives that is the rape and abuse of young white girls now quietly back in the box of political correctness  As readily hushed away as the top level paedophile cabals are being protected by silence.

Always, when I post on such multi-cultural ghetto building, Enoch Powell's words haunt my mind. "We must be mad". We were and still are. The watering down of once proud European Nations continues apace. Once we feared for these Islands. Now we see a whole Continent being stitched up. The cost of all this irrelevant to The Common Purpose of a world government. We get to pay for it by duress and dictatorial, unelected Brussels clowns and their co-conspirators in Whitehall . The only consolation is the mess they're making and their inept, blind incapability to be any better!

We may be under the cosh to behave but inside we can still laugh, even as we dig our own graves.

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  1. It was a mistake of Western man's will to kill oneself in order to atone for the perspective social transgression.
    This cannot --and should not-- be seen as actual condemnation by God.
    Lord...How all Protestant institutions are now worthless.
    Within this ends to the means of past Counterculture; you will find the temptation to racial-ize for want of a struggle. Struggle with the loss of culture: religion and nationhood; and ask God to go behind the curtain and come-back as a Calvinist.
    Regardless--or as a consequence of-- i: re-instate The Culture War.