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Sunday, 16 December 2012

I'm Not Getting Any Younger.

Still Africa Beggars Belief.

I'm not the only one asking questions. As we approach Christmas the guilt industry goes into overdrive. I am a charitable guy but find the decades of pressure and exploitation of the desire to be a good kind of guy very hard to square. Hard that is to square with the awareness of how so little has changed in Africa and many other deprived areas of the Globe.

From South America to Indonesia, India through to China, the billions of population numbers grow and the poverty gets ever worse. What little I have ever done, multiplied by millions like me before and presumably after my life, actually amounts to trillions, as argued in the linked to book.

Nevertheless, little changes. The envelopes stuffed with heart rending requests, guilt trip subtle and sometimes blatant blackmail, seem to get ever more numerous and tree wasting. Still I beg the question, "What has changed?". Sure, I suspect tiny little miracles have been known to improve lives but in the overall scheme of Learjet sales to despots, it's very little indeed.

Geldof pushed the cause for "aid" and even that fizzled out. Andrew Gilligan essays on that particular decade in our lives. I'm sure many people benefited from that effort, not least the instigators such as Bono and Geldof. All I ask is that the constant mantra of constant guilt invoking political correctness bloody stop. Leave little old me alone. Concentrate on the bar stewards running the world.

I bet few of these people get any of the myriad begging missives I do. They certainly won't suffer the pangs of guilt ridden expenditure we poor suckers face. Notwithstanding their festive season giving is probably the equivalent cost of some poverty stricken nations' whole economies. So is it too much to ask to be left alone to enjoy myself and nurture my own tiny corner? It seems not, I just picked up some post and guess what?


  1. Agree with Diocles there OR.

    We - individually - cannot feed them all. All we can do is address those concerns closest to us. I used to support the NSPCC until I discovered that Mandelson (bloody Mandelson!!) - for God knows what reason - had been allowed by them to become involved. I used to support other agencies too, but these have dwindled away due to excessive salaries for staff, support of criminal enterprises and other disappointing activity.

    Today I have a single DD for the RNLI and I chuck a fiver in various Armed Forces charity bins when I am asked. But that's about it.

    P.S. Please don't tell me that the Directors of the RNLI are on the take FFS!

  2. I had read that there are more malnourished in Asia.

  3. I remember Gordon Brown saying that he had solved poverty in Africa at the G8 meeting in St Andrews in 2008. Nothing further needed there.

  4. As one who has studied human intelligence for some time, it has been found that Sub-Saharan-Africans mean IQ is 75 taken from the mean world average of 100, Indians and Chinese have the highest, Europeans have the greatest creative IQ, Charley the chimp has a IQ of 50, so as you can see Africans of all species need further evolutionary time to reach the European level even of our Chavvies, so unless Cameron et al bring more into Britain to breed, they will not solve the problem of Hunger except to rid Britain of the will to live.

  5. @VR. If you are not formally educated - as many in sub saharan Africa may well be - you are unlikely to score highly in standard IQ tests. Chinese and Indians appear to have an aptitude for maths, which may explain their higher average scores ( I was looking at this recently, I think they are average 102 is it in China? ). Perhaps the test is at fault there, not the tested.

    On the wider point OR is making. Aid is an industry. There are shiny cities in Africa, and many wealthy people. Distribution of wealth may not be as even as in much of Europe. But you are unlikely to keep aid workers and the charity industry in employment if you don't dig deep and hand over the moullah. I give generously to the poppy appeal, and to brides on hen nights.

    1. My sarcasm is not intended to insult the less fortunate but to provoce debate, one only need to see what South Korea has achieved since the end of its war, its success is no less than stunning then notice that South Africa time is running backwards, a belief that raping a white baby will prevent one from contracting aids was widespread, Haiti is another example of Black independence life there is no less than horrific, foreign Aid by Britain is part of the corruption. the Chinese have understood the African mind. I can go on.

    2. You are as you say Rectum. You need to relieve yourself of such waist, although that is obviously your essence.

  6. Sod me, thought i was the only one.

    Its not just Africa, this bloody charity farce is getting beyond the pale.

    Suppose we could contribute to some bloody useless wind farms in the name of Saint Cast Iron Dave the Holy One, that'll be a couple of £billion they spent of money borrowed in our name pissed up the wall then for bugger all.

    I give little these days, the usual recipients of what i do give are British based and preferably local.

    The nightmare vision of Saint Bob crying to camera still induces the gag reflex after all these years.

    Merry Christmas.


  7. A few years back there was a dispute in UNICEF Ireland where a top jobsworth had been sacked. Reading the item it gave the salary then if you look at the boards members who were been paid more I would say they were trousering about €6 million a year between the lot of them. All these charities are one huge fiddle most of the money goes in huge salaries the bit that goes to Africa gets stolen. This is why nothing will change keep your money in your own pocket.