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Monday, 10 December 2012

Gay Not.

What A Pathetic Waste Of Time.

By the title, I refer to the sad loss to our language of the word "gay". I see nothing gay about the self promotion of chromosome flaws. I find it a shame that this status now carries almost reverential, positive discrimination. To me the picture above used to epitomise "gay" Paris. Christmas was meant to be a gay time and gaiety was a state of mind to enjoy.

Now this ridiculous PM, together with the rest of our gross political, moronic Lilliputians, are debating what is spoken frequently of as "gay" marriage in Churches and Registry Offices, throughout the land. To add insult to injury, millions of pounds are being spent to try and determine how to weave what would be regarded as the consummation of such silly ideas and unions. His Grace, with some style, discusses this.

My interest lies elsewhere. As our western way of life and prosperity decays, at an alarming rate, heavily encouraged by globalisation and the likes of the wealth draining EU, other cultures rise more powerful, right in our midst. A large majority of these  are obsessively Islamic. Despite the intellectual, leftie bile spouted against religious beliefs, with a Christian leaning, none such criticism is leveled against those who see Mohammed as superior to Christ.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are also the misogynistic elements, such as female circumcision, which occurs frequently in our own Country. That just a part of the overall nastiness shown to all women and often very young girls and children, by predominantly Asian, Muslim men, also gets a fraction of the consideration as "gay" issues, is a disgrace. Shouldn't this gay marriage crap be subordinate to the manner in which these horrific practices are tolerated?

By the same token should not gay marriage, as an issue, be secondary to the dominant existence of paedophilia in high places? Then the thrust of this post. If gay marriage is, forgive the phrase, to be forced down our throats and the conundrum of consummation given the typical Whitehall cack handed cobble up,  how many such unions are to carried out in Mosques?

I can envisage the gay mafia stomping round our ancient churches and intimidating the dwindling, often elderly and bewildered congregations. Flaunting their positive discrimination credentials, as so many others enjoy doing. I can't see the same anger and enthusiasm for the more sensitive Islamic electorates, can you?

This protest will not receive the same vilification as mine or my like minded, many hundreds, if not millions of disenfranchised cast offs. Enoch Powell's words still haunt me. "We must be mad". Look where that madness has brought us.


  1. They are Fracking Sodomites, who wants a Government STUFFED with what God has promised eternal damnation,
    Lambs are fracking Gay not Poofters, Boris(the Moron Johnson) the Idiot that wants to Build a fracking airport on a floodplain, supports queer Marriage, and who the fracking hell is the Minister for Food? thinks GM crops are good for you, whats his background? whats his connection with big Agri-chems, is he Gay?

  2. I like the lambs bit, VR! As for Boris, too full of himself to have room for a sodomite tendency, get it?

  3. If I say Boris takes it up the arse, has he reason to get upset,

  4. Apart from traditional marriage there are many and various other long term partnerships left out of the frame or with access to the social security benefits of "marriage". These are not sexual but supportive. For example a person living with another to provide long term care, often at a cost to their careers and/or social life etc. Why should they be excluded?

  5. Don't be fooled by this gay marriage crap, it is a diversion from what was dumped out by the other Government stooges who serve Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius, GM food, the Family tradition to be abandoned,, mass immigration to serve to break National identity what Cameron is doing is clear subterfuge and preserving our bondage to the EU and the One World Government, Cameron is in a clear Conspiracy along with Common Purpose where democracy is a sham. Any stupid story that takes the headlines caution, look out for what it may be hiding

    1. It's getting ever harder to deny these theories, Mona.

  6. I'm with Mona too, the Gay Marriage farago is a smoke and mirrors job designed to distract us from more important things; likewise the drip drip drip of the Saville paedo exposes.