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Monday, 17 December 2012


Senior Civil Service Labour Placements.

John Redwood has this terrible document. I find it almost harrowing that we are ruled by such slavish types, welded to a "greater Germany Europe". These slimy creatures are so reminiscent of the traitors of yesteryear, wallowing in the blood of so many sacrificial lambs over so many pointless wars.

"We do not wish to lose our reputation as a better European, which was much cultivated by the previous government. Their approach of going along with most of the EU plans for new laws and further integration helped a great deal. Their realism over open borders, over the Treaties of Nice, Amsterdam and Lisbon, and their welcome for EU  legislation in areas as diverse as the environment and the finance sector, got over some of the damage done to our relationships by the rows over the Euro after Maastricht."

The "we" is a Royal one, naturally. The tit sucking cretins who dine out on our taxes and debt fuelled burden of servicing their profligacy. The pompous arrogance of arse licking incompetence has the nerve to discuss our whole existence, history and proud achievements as a Nation as if it is no more than an irritant. All but the glorious leaders in Brussels are to be given credibility. This is Nazi style unpleasantness and blind obsequiousness. You can feel the utter inability to criticise anything originating from "The Chancellery".

The relish and rush to embrace "final solutions". The self serving belief of invincibility. The utter certainty that. in their posh offices and in their crass feelings that their inner sanctum of secrets unshared, they are untouchable, pervades this document. One thing they forget, it is this mindset that brought about violent changes and revolutions throughout history. The next time they stuff a piece of cake into their vicious, unseemly bellies and suggest that morsel as a solution to the bread starved millions at the door, I hope they choke for many minutes before their entrails are fed to the starving.

I've written so many times of the manner in which Labour put these people into power. Appointees with as much disdain for their own Country as Labour has for anyone not fooled by their propaganda. Now we see how the joining together of these dots produces a monster of which we should all be aware. They make politicians seem almost human. If we do not get rid of such people, they will repay us with the ghettoes and camps of the German "methods", at one time regarded as perfect solutions. Ones many were too scared or too cowardly to gainsay. Seems we are virtually at that same place. Cattle trucks here we come, especially if of white skin.

Our Roy (Spendlove, he certainly does)  has form.

From August 2012  Down in the dumps when his beloved Labour lot were dumped. No tears for the mess they left behind, were the? One thing he is so sure of, his "fat cat" lifestyle will not be affected. More's the pity. As unbiased as the BBC.
 From 2 011.

One final and damning quote as to how they really are. Smug, I suppose we would be in their position, wouldn't we?

"I am pleased to report that several of our former colleagues have found good jobs in consultancies and other private sector areas where they can use their wisdom and skills well. They tell me it is not too bad out there, and they of course do have the nice advantage of the generous compensation Ministers so thoughtfully provided when we explained to them the complexities of their plans to slim down the civil service. I fear we will need to make more use of outside help again, now we have lost so much talent through the voluntary redundancy programmes."

How is he still in a job? Of course, no Balls. Pun intended.


  1. Dr Roy Spendlove and his like are the ones who really govern this country. They are absolute *****.

    1. GV, I always knew they existed and were dreadful and treacherous bar stewards but such evidence has even Oldrightie flabbergasted. What an evil bunch and so very Nazi like.

  2. Hi,


    XMAS MESSAGE from Highland Council Chief Executive: Alistair Dodds

    1. Exactly. We know sweet fanny Adams about Spendlove. That cloak of secrecy is their favourite AK47, only more lethal.

    2. But you do know that Spendlove is one of John's spoof characters, don't you.

  3. Hi, Buddy, it's a legal thing. The guy is actually
    David Pitchford and Lucy is Sharon White. Naming them would lose Redwood his seat, or worse.