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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Even If The Pipers Call The Tune.

We All Have To Pay.

This story  hides many others, as is the way with State secrecy and killing. Now it may be that some creatures on this earth deserve their just deserts but such rough justice, if that were the case, still hurts decent thinking people. As did the death of Dr David Kelly. Yet as Weasel Gummidge Cameron makes a lame apology in the manner of his hero, Bliar, so much of the dead hand of State hovers over his and our lives.

Let's look at two topical issues. Ever since I began blogging a current theme was the collusion of State, gangster, corporate and banker "friends". When all's said and done, our PM is nothing more than a glorified arms dealer/salesman, doing deals with not that long a spoon. Just like Bliar, again, only less  tactile  than the latter. 

Well, in the last few months several banks have been found part of the drug cartel money laundering scams. Before anybody shrugs,  "So what?", this is what these people regard as acceptable "business practice". Sheer terror. Yet the slap on the wrist and a few bob into the State's bottomless pit and all is smoothed over. Nevertheless, we still struggle to get out of the soul destroying mess created by these cabals, led by Government complicity and stupidity. We get to bear the brunt of all this evil collusion.

Banks aren't lending because they cannot. This money,  in some shape or form is to pay the Cartels interest bills, not lend or fund already robbed tax payers. This is the gigantic skeleton in The EU cupboard. Once the odd politician  wakes up to this,  millions are left to go cold and hungry to save heir skin. These debts are due.

Now my second but very much related issue. Household energy bills. Infrastructure and energy policy has been an unholy mess since privatisation. The quick burst of short lived shareholding for the masses rapidly became subsumed in the wild grab for equity by the corporate financiers. Very quickly, energy was yet another corporate, global cudgel for suppression. 

We wonder why our Governments do not pay more than lip service to the plight of their electorates. The answer is not complicated. Since most of our GDP goes to pay debt interest plus service cartel demands, and tax is, by electoral necessity, to appear benign, revenue needs to be garnered elsewhere. So whilst the headline grabbing petrol duty increase cancellation sop is hailed as considerate, even more people are coerced to pay up or freeze to death, via household heating needs.

Now TPTB blithely tell us this is to fund green energy technologies. Now there's a load of Opposition Bullyboy's surname. It's to raise desperately needed tax income. The higher these bills climb the more for the revenue to hand to the politicians to offset the payments to the Cartels. Sure there are many layers of obfuscation,  jargon and MSM cover up assistance, to make it all look sophisticated and complex "Matters of  State. In reality is is good old simple human greed.

 Some  stories get through but only by tacit permission from the "top", as the MSM quietly sups, not always welcome, tea and less savoury stuff , at Downing Street. The really big, nasty, smirk producing, arrogant nastiness of the powerful and the criminal rarely gets known for the need to protect its practitioners' security and anonymity. Paedophilia, corruption and greed at the top. All part of the fun for some and the miserable outcomes for the many. Hateful political classes. Is there much to choose between them? Only the degree of hypocrisy. There the left are way out in front.


  1. Re Finucane: you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows.

    One less IRA member could only ever be seen as a good thing (no matter the circumstances surrounding the death).

    1. Chris, I touch on your sentiment in the post. However my concern is that either side's use of violence is wrong. Still, sometimes the ends do have to.

  2. Another great post . What can we do , to stop this . We are the sons and grandsons of the greatest empire builders on earth and we have at least one more good fight in us . Enough of the what's wrong already and a bit more the what we the ENGLISH can do about it . Believe me the will is there now .

  3. I came across another silly woman half scared to death by some TV seriese about how The Weather is going to get worse and we're all gonna die and it's all our fault coz of AWG.

    I pointed out to her that it was just to get her to accept higher fuel charges (as though that would do anything to solve "the problem" anyway) and that she was falling for their fright tactics by spreading such despondancy.