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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Do They Never Tell It How It Is

Never To The Wage Payers, They Don't.

I listened to Camoron's drivel on Afghanistan yesterday. I also observed his immature crush on Rebecca The Red, from last weekend's partying. (Note the sudden lack of Sam's public appearances and articles about her life.)  Neither bits of behaviour were particularly inspiring. Indeed I suspect enormous weakness of character prevailed. As it appears to have done in making yet more "cast iron" pledges about the EUSSR at the next election. Remember the last one?  The only cast iron he understands are the old balustrades surrounding his country houses.

Back to his Afghanistan pathetic and stupid attempt to pretend all is under control. He spoke of the readiness of the Afghan Army and police to take over the defense against The Taliban. Cue pictures of a rag tag and bob tail melee of old Landrovers and ill equipped troops. Men scared witless about the next stage in the return to power of The Taliban. £70 million quid a year promised to support the effort. Madness. That'll go straight to the Karzai escape and exile in great luxury fund.

The gift to The Taliban will be of hundreds of thousands of troops and police, happy to confirm their support for a  new Order. The same troops will also benefit from many tons of equipment too expensive to dismantle or return home. Equipment which will serve to bolster the Al Qaeda alliance in Northern Pakistan, in their joint efforts to take control of that region.

Indeed I can see the day  when that Region will be subsumed into an Afghan State and garner significant nuclear weaponry potential from the exercise. India will seek to take control of the Southern areas and bingo, keeping our streets safe will have endangered us all beyond belief. Well done Whitehall, Westminster and your puppet masters in Brussels.

Of course the sacrifices of our young troops will be quickly forgotten. Homelessness, post traumatic stress disorders and the neglect of our maimed veterans will be repeated as ever it has been throughout history. Meanwhile, Karzai and his family will be feted by the rich and frivolous, the hoteliers, Learjet sales teams and the international coke head brigade of "celebrities. Ironically the few beneficiaries of the poppy trade's boom time war effort.

How these bespoke suited and grossly negligent characters masquerading as leaders can still get away with it is beyond me. Their beloved propaganda machine, The BBC is part of their ability to make fools of us. You know what I mean. That smug, evil, biased and corrupt organisation, still clinging to the delusion they're a "great and trusted institution". A belief shattered under the spotlight of the internet and the blogosphere. 

The Establishment have never been so closely examined and found so wanting. Particularly the last disastrous Labour regime and now this marginally better but still awful Cobbleition. Whatever the future holds, I doubt, like the financial crash, the pillocks in power will admit that it is, was and remains so predictable, that whatever we are told, taking the opposite as the case is always a more accurate stance.

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